so ridiculously delicious…

Today was one of those days.

Lack of sleep (or what felt like it)

A completely dirty kitchen, because I was lazy last night (HATE it)

A child who didn’t want to nap, even though she was tired (try laying next to her, when she stretches, moves and grunts every two minutes)

All of this adds up to one cranky momma….  It only took me until 5:30 pm to get out of that mood. 

Finally I felt ‘normal’ enough to make dinner.  Which I was looking forward to, but also wasn’t.  I didn’t want to touch the raw venison to cut it up.  I seriously have something against raw meat.  It is just gross, in my opinion.  I thought I would be okay with it, but as soon as I got it out of the package, I almost gagged (nice visual, eh?).  Anywho, I quickly sliced it into small pieces and got to cooking.

The end result….

Never thought I would say that about venison stroganoff – but YUM!  I could have eaten it all… but I held back, had to save some for the hubby (who also loved it, by the way).
Tomorrow I’m going to be making more Oreo Pudding Cookies.  Hubby came home last night, tried one and almost fell to the floor.  He said that they were so good, probably better than the blondies I use to make (which were his favorite).  So, instead of not letting him eat them (I was keeping them for the weekend), I’ll let him eat this batch and I’ll bake up another one…. Oh, and so I can enjoy them too… because they are just that good!!  

Venison Stroganoff
Source:  Adapted from Chaos in the Kitchen 
1 lb venison tenderloin, trimmed of fat and sliced into thin strips

5 tbsp butter, divided
8 oz mushrooms, sliced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup beef broth
1 cup sour cream
1 tbsp flour (if needed)
salt and pepper
12 oz extra wide egg noodles, cooked

Heat a large skillet over medium high heat until hot.  Add 1 tbsp of butter and add half of steak slices.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and cook until bottom side is brown.  Flip venison pieces over and brown the other side (only takes about a minute).  Remove cooked venison to a bowl.

Repeat with another tablespoon of butter and the remaining venison. Add cooked venison to bowl.

Add 1 tbsp of butter and half of sliced mushrooms. Sprinkle mushrooms with salt and pepper.  Add to the bowl with venison.  Repeat with another table spoon of butter and remaining mushrooms, adding cooked mushrooms to bowl.

Add 1 tbsp butter and garlic – saute until soft.

De-glaze the pan with small amount of beef broth, scraping up the browned bits in the pan.

Add sour cream and beef broth, stir and heat until smooth.

If the sauce seems too thin you can thicken it by removing a 1/4 cup of sauce and stirring in 1 tbsp of flour and adding it back in.

Add steak and mushrooms back into sauce. Stir and simmer on low until hot. Do not bring to a boil as the sour cream with curdle.

Serve over egg noodles.

The sauce is delicious!  And you can make it with whatever meat you want – or just with mushrooms.  Try it, you won’t be disappointed!!


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