a month in pictures…

I know.  I KNOW.
I’ve been a huge slacker on here.
I had every intention of posting.
I did!
I swear!
But, I failed… miserably!

So, instead of droning on and on about the past few weeks. 
I’ll post pictures of the happenings.

 This was my take of IGE’s Shaken Nectarine Vodka Chillers
I made the first one with cherries and lime instead of nectarine.  
And I used lime vodka.
It was delicious!
 The process of making the vodka chillers.
This one was the nectarine one, with a splash of cherry puree.
 Shaken Nectarine Cherry Vodka chiller.
Actually, I think I made this one with malibu.
Shaken Nectarine Cherry Malibu chiller.
 BBQ Chicken w/ garlic potatoes
 This would be the hubby’s hamburger.
He was proud of it…
 My mozzarella stuffed turkey burger
 Frozen Raspberry Lemonade
 Another mozzarella stuffed turkey burger
 Mozzarella, spinach, red onion, green pepper quesadilla
Frozen s’mores. 
Frozen, because they were in the freezer to set.
 Happy 4th of July!!!!
 So happy to take walks
 Not enjoying the splash pad very much
 “Mom, stop putting me near the cold water!”
 Swinging with Daddy
Daddy’s butt got stuck on the slide
There you go.  A quick update in pictures of the last few weeks.  
Again, here’s to hoping I can keep this blog updated better!
But, with packing and being by myself for the next three weeks…. 
Don’t know if I’ll get back on here.
Here’s to hoping though!!

two times in a week…

Guess what I had for dinner tonight….

Buffalo Chicken Noodle & Spinach salad!  Again!

It was so good the first time, I knew I had to have it again.
Problem was… it wasn’t as good the second time.
I think I cooked the chicken a little too long, because it just tasted… off.
And the spinach was on the last string… so it wasn’t as good as it was a few days ago.

 Regardless, it was okay.  Filling – and I didn’t even eat all the chicken.

But, I got my buffalo fix for the day.  Haven’t had it in two days now, and I’ve been missing it like crazy!

This weekend we are bound to grill out – and I’m seeing chicken every time.  I love me some chicken.  Maybe I’ll make a turkey burger – but I’d have to find a good recipe somewhere. 

Speaking of recipes, I am so making this this weekend!  Oh my goodness!!  Seriously – looks delicious!  Can’t wait.  I’m thinking I’ll try it her way…. but really, I want to blend some cherries and add lime vodka, with a squeeze of lime juice.  Nothing better than cherry-limeade to beat the summer heat…. add a little alcohol… and we’re all good! 

Okay – off to bed.  This momma is tired… at 2:30 in the morning, who isn’t?!