19 hours and counting…

Hubby wanted to surprise me for our 2 year anniversary.
He wanted to take me to a Packers game. 
No just any Packers game.
The FIRST Packers game. 
Opening day Packers game. 

He has a friend who’s in-laws have season tickets – and asked if they were still available so he could purchase them.  Unfortunately, the owners wanted to go (who could blame them!).

The next home Packers game isn’t until October, and according to hubby – that wouldn’t really make sense to go to – if we want to go for our anniversary which is in September. 
Either way – I would be happy to go though!! 

Anyway – hubby has been looking on Ebay for tickets for the game. 

He keeps asking me how much we would be willing to pay.  Haha.  Come on – they are tickets to basically the biggest game Green Bay has hosted!  How much am I willing to pay?!  Tickets are going to be starting at more than I would want to pay.  But I would love to go to this game – and we do have some money right now.  We haven’t went on and aren’t planning a vacation this year – so why not?! 

I’m not going to be crazy. I wouldn’t spend anymore than MAYBE $400 on the tickets.  Even that is pricey!  $300 max – more than likely.  But really – is that going to happen?  The cheapest one I’ve seen go on Ebay today was $290. 

Anywho – whole point here is… we have a bid on two tickets.  The auction ends in 19 hours.  Wish us luck! 

Homemade chicken nuggets and roasted broccoli was dinner tonight.  Delicious! 

Didn’t get in any exercise today.  Baby girl had me up until about 4 a.m…. Then up again by 10 a.m.  I was busy doing laundry and unpacking throughout the day. 
I could exercise now.. but honestly, I’m exhausted.  I just want to sit and relax…. but I doubt that’ll happen – since I am staring down boxes that need to be unpacked at the moment.  Oy!

How much would you be willing to pay for your favorite teams (aka Super Bowl Champions!) opening day tickets?


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