i love autumn!

I am loving this weather!
Loving it!!

I got up this morning around 10:30 and headed out for a walk.
I made it a quick one, just over a mile. 
I needed to get back to baby girl because she was up when I left – and I knew she was going to eat soon.  And I didn’t want hubby to have to get up with her, because he has been working crazy hours. 
So a short walk it was. 
But a walk, none-the-less.

It felt good! 
I didn’t push myself like I normally do though.
A mile in about 20 minutes. 
Usually my walk miles are slightly under 17 minutes.

But it was so nice!  So nice to be outside.  In the cool air.  By myself!!
Sometimes it is so nice to be able to get out by myself.
Have some alone time.

And I did manage to work up a sweat on the way back.  So, that’s wonderful!

And I felt great all day today!
Not tired.  Not sore… well, a little, but not bad.
So wonderful!

Hoping to get in a family walk tomorrow and Sunday.  It will be nice to get out as a family.

Well, I’m going to finish laundry and enjoy a cup of tea (which I hope is delicious!).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend?


i feel good!

I wanted to go for a walk this morning.

But baby girl got up at 1am, drank a bottle, fell asleep in my arms, then woke up when I put her in her crib.  I gave her her puppy – it helped, until the music went off.   So, I pulled puppy’s tail again, and get this… SHE WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH HER PUPPY!  That has never happened before!  She loves her puppy.  Reaches for it, if it is in eyesight. 

This picture wasn’t taken last night – but it shows her love for her puppy!
Picture was taken when she was 3 or 4 months – she’s almost 6 months now..

Wow… All I can say is WOW!  So, since she didn’t want her puppy – I brought her to bed with me.
 AND before you make comments about how your baby shouldn’t sleep in bed with you – and all that jazz – I know it.  However, I am completely aware of her in bed.  Every tiny move she makes I hear, and wake up to.  I have a pillow on one side of her, and I sleep as far to the edge of the bed as possible, to give her as much room as she can have.
And she doesn’t typically sleep in our bed.  She always goes into her own bed during the night.  Typically, I put her in our bed so she can fall asleep (when she woke up and puppy didn’t help, or she had bad dreams).  Once she falls asleep, and has been asleep for a bit, I pick her up and put her back in her crib – and she’s usually good.  If she isn’t, then I’ll rock her for a while, and she usually falls asleep.
So, please, do not give me a lecture on having my child sleep in my bed.  Thanks.

Anyway – since she got up and was in my bed, I didn’t get back to sleep until 3ish. And kept waking up because I was getting too hot!  Yes, I was hot – and I had my window cracked open!!  Crazy.
Then I woke up again when hubby got home at 5AM!!  Argh!

My plan was for him to get me up when he gets up with baby girl in the morning to feed her.  Good idea, in theory.  Except she got up at 6:30ish, and that is not enough sleep for this girl!

So, I was going to walk in the afternoon.
Didn’t happen.

BUT – I popped in my Leslie Sansone Walk at Home dvd and did 2 miles!  Or, what they tell me is 2 miles.  I walked for 30 minutes – and burned 316 calories.

Something is better than nothing!! 

Plan for tomorrow is the same as it was this morning.  Hopefully hubby gets home earlier tonight.  He needs it.  He is SO drained.

Got to get to bed now… or wash bottles, then get to bed.  Especially if I want to make this happen – and I do, I so do!


Can I could the 2 mile ‘walk’ as part of my 21 days of walking I started? 

two wonderful years

Two years ago, I married my best friend

It was a beautiful September day
We got amazing pictures on the beach!!
I loved every moment of the day
And now we have a beautiful family!
I love you so much honey!  Thanks for the best two years of my life!
Here is to many, many more!! ❤

football is back!!

I mentioned in a previous post – that hubby wanted to get tickets for the Packers/Saints game (yesterday) for our 2 year anniversary.
Well, we got them.
And we went.
And it was AMAZING!!!

Here are a few pictures from the day (I took over 300!)

Cutest Packers fan EVER!

Made it through the massive crowds

Hello there, beautiful Lambeau!
 Lady Antebellum singing on the stage outside Lambeau

Amazing seats!!

Pre-game huddle
Chris Gizzi – Former GB Packer carrying out the American Flag
He was the one to carry the flag out during the first game after 9/11
 Superbowl Champs!!
Jerrett Bush – pumping up the fans
Coin Toss
 National Anthem – Awesome fan participation!
I was part of the blue (obviously on the end not seen!)
Flyover – Holy Man is that LOUD!
Randall Cobb – LOVE!
Look at Mr. Rodgers in action!
Cobb’s 108 yard return for a touchdown!!  WOOT!
Yeah – we packed the house!
Go Starks!
Nail biter at the end – but WE WON!!
Go Packers!

 Are you a football fan?  Favorite team?

weekend recap

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I headed up to my parents place, with the family.  It was nice to forget about unpacking and everything else.  Family had come up from Chicago – haven’t seen them in ages!  It was SO good to see them again!

The weather was crappy though.  Saturday and Sunday it mostly rained.  All.day.long!  Which was no fun on Sunday when we went to the Central Wisconsin State Fair.  My little peanut’s first fair, and she had to be covered in the stroller all day because it was rainy.  No pictures were taken of her there.  Psht.

I did take many other photos though… which include:

My nephew and brother-in-law riding the cars
My baby swinging at grandpa and grandma’s

Hanging out with her uncle(s)

Momma and baby!

Baby girl was tuckered out after this weekend – she slept A LOT yesterday and today!  Wonder what is in store for tomorrow!

I had so much to say before, but now, nothing is coming to my head!  Hate when that happens!

I know I’ve said this before, but I am going to head off and do some unpacking.  I would LOVE for this place to feel like home!

Tomorrow I am going to be baking up a storm!  I bought bananas last week, intending to cut them up and freeze them…. but I never got around to it, and now they are too ripe to do what I wanted with.  So, banana muffins and maybe bread will be made.  And my step-mom got a HUGE zucchini this weekend, she used half of it for FOUR zucchini breads, and gave me the rest.  So, zucchini bread and maybe muffins will be made.  Lots and lots of time spent in the kitchen tomorrow and I would just love for the rest of the place to look… clean.
I’m excited though – I LOVE fall!  LOVE IT!  And it is finally feeling like it outside, which means lots of fall baking and crock-pot making on the inside!  Love it when my house smells like pumpkin, apples or baking bread!  YUM!

Okay – seriously – if I intend to unpack, I need to get off!  Hope you all have a wonderful week!

What did you do over the weekend?  
What are you looking forward to about fall?

happy anniversary to us!!

Okay – it’s not our anniversary yet.  That is on Sept. 12.

But… we did get tickets to the Packers game!!  WOOHOO!

Spent much more money that I originally wanted to – but hubby has been putting in SO much overtime these last few weeks – that quite honestly, we can afford it.  And like I said in a previous post – we haven’t went on a vacation this year.  And all our money basically goes into the savings or to feed our baby girl. 
Yes, we still have money to feed her – don’t worry! 

I guess this may be becoming a tradition.  Going to a sporting event on (or around) our anniversary.  Last year we went to a Brewers/Cubs game. 

I CANNOT wait for next Thursday!  My first Packers game EVER, and I am so flipping excited!!  And we have great seats!!  Oh man, oh man!!  Good thing I have plans this weekend and up until Tuesday.  So, I’ll be kept busy – and won’t be sitting at home just thinking about the game. 


Okay – moving on.

Today was a good day – walked 2.5 miles while pushing the stroller.  I swear, baby girl gets heavier every day!  And there was a crazy strong southwest wind today – so the walk back was hard!  But I did it… and I felt great!
Tomorrow I’m thinking I will have to hit the road early.  It is suppose to storm in the afternoon.  Which is okay – since I have loads of laundry to do… and I have to pack for the weekend. 
So, hopefully peanut will stay sleeping tonight!  Last night, I got maybe a half hour of sleep before she woke up with nightmares.  Poor baby.  So, I cuddled her, and she was good after a while. I put her back in her crib – and she was okay for a bit… but as soon as I crawled back into bed, she started crying.  Fed her a bottle and she refused to go to sleep.  Hubby came home (around 4 am!) and he then fed her four more ounces!  Finally she fell asleep – but being up until 4:30, I was NOT going to be getting up for the am walk! 
So, I’m hoping she sleeps through the night tonight.  Or, hopefully I can get some sleep before she wakes up. 
Speaking of which – I should probably head to bed now.  I need to get up and walk in the morning.  Can’t miss a day due to rain!

What are your plans for the weekend?