happy anniversary to us!!

Okay – it’s not our anniversary yet.  That is on Sept. 12.

But… we did get tickets to the Packers game!!  WOOHOO!

Spent much more money that I originally wanted to – but hubby has been putting in SO much overtime these last few weeks – that quite honestly, we can afford it.  And like I said in a previous post – we haven’t went on a vacation this year.  And all our money basically goes into the savings or to feed our baby girl. 
Yes, we still have money to feed her – don’t worry! 

I guess this may be becoming a tradition.  Going to a sporting event on (or around) our anniversary.  Last year we went to a Brewers/Cubs game. 

I CANNOT wait for next Thursday!  My first Packers game EVER, and I am so flipping excited!!  And we have great seats!!  Oh man, oh man!!  Good thing I have plans this weekend and up until Tuesday.  So, I’ll be kept busy – and won’t be sitting at home just thinking about the game. 


Okay – moving on.

Today was a good day – walked 2.5 miles while pushing the stroller.  I swear, baby girl gets heavier every day!  And there was a crazy strong southwest wind today – so the walk back was hard!  But I did it… and I felt great!
Tomorrow I’m thinking I will have to hit the road early.  It is suppose to storm in the afternoon.  Which is okay – since I have loads of laundry to do… and I have to pack for the weekend. 
So, hopefully peanut will stay sleeping tonight!  Last night, I got maybe a half hour of sleep before she woke up with nightmares.  Poor baby.  So, I cuddled her, and she was good after a while. I put her back in her crib – and she was okay for a bit… but as soon as I crawled back into bed, she started crying.  Fed her a bottle and she refused to go to sleep.  Hubby came home (around 4 am!) and he then fed her four more ounces!  Finally she fell asleep – but being up until 4:30, I was NOT going to be getting up for the am walk! 
So, I’m hoping she sleeps through the night tonight.  Or, hopefully I can get some sleep before she wakes up. 
Speaking of which – I should probably head to bed now.  I need to get up and walk in the morning.  Can’t miss a day due to rain!

What are your plans for the weekend?


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