weekend recap

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I headed up to my parents place, with the family.  It was nice to forget about unpacking and everything else.  Family had come up from Chicago – haven’t seen them in ages!  It was SO good to see them again!

The weather was crappy though.  Saturday and Sunday it mostly rained.  All.day.long!  Which was no fun on Sunday when we went to the Central Wisconsin State Fair.  My little peanut’s first fair, and she had to be covered in the stroller all day because it was rainy.  No pictures were taken of her there.  Psht.

I did take many other photos though… which include:

My nephew and brother-in-law riding the cars
My baby swinging at grandpa and grandma’s

Hanging out with her uncle(s)

Momma and baby!

Baby girl was tuckered out after this weekend – she slept A LOT yesterday and today!  Wonder what is in store for tomorrow!

I had so much to say before, but now, nothing is coming to my head!  Hate when that happens!

I know I’ve said this before, but I am going to head off and do some unpacking.  I would LOVE for this place to feel like home!

Tomorrow I am going to be baking up a storm!  I bought bananas last week, intending to cut them up and freeze them…. but I never got around to it, and now they are too ripe to do what I wanted with.  So, banana muffins and maybe bread will be made.  And my step-mom got a HUGE zucchini this weekend, she used half of it for FOUR zucchini breads, and gave me the rest.  So, zucchini bread and maybe muffins will be made.  Lots and lots of time spent in the kitchen tomorrow and I would just love for the rest of the place to look… clean.
I’m excited though – I LOVE fall!  LOVE IT!  And it is finally feeling like it outside, which means lots of fall baking and crock-pot making on the inside!  Love it when my house smells like pumpkin, apples or baking bread!  YUM!

Okay – seriously – if I intend to unpack, I need to get off!  Hope you all have a wonderful week!

What did you do over the weekend?  
What are you looking forward to about fall?

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