i feel good!

I wanted to go for a walk this morning.

But baby girl got up at 1am, drank a bottle, fell asleep in my arms, then woke up when I put her in her crib.  I gave her her puppy – it helped, until the music went off.   So, I pulled puppy’s tail again, and get this… SHE WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH HER PUPPY!  That has never happened before!  She loves her puppy.  Reaches for it, if it is in eyesight. 

This picture wasn’t taken last night – but it shows her love for her puppy!
Picture was taken when she was 3 or 4 months – she’s almost 6 months now..

Wow… All I can say is WOW!  So, since she didn’t want her puppy – I brought her to bed with me.
 AND before you make comments about how your baby shouldn’t sleep in bed with you – and all that jazz – I know it.  However, I am completely aware of her in bed.  Every tiny move she makes I hear, and wake up to.  I have a pillow on one side of her, and I sleep as far to the edge of the bed as possible, to give her as much room as she can have.
And she doesn’t typically sleep in our bed.  She always goes into her own bed during the night.  Typically, I put her in our bed so she can fall asleep (when she woke up and puppy didn’t help, or she had bad dreams).  Once she falls asleep, and has been asleep for a bit, I pick her up and put her back in her crib – and she’s usually good.  If she isn’t, then I’ll rock her for a while, and she usually falls asleep.
So, please, do not give me a lecture on having my child sleep in my bed.  Thanks.

Anyway – since she got up and was in my bed, I didn’t get back to sleep until 3ish. And kept waking up because I was getting too hot!  Yes, I was hot – and I had my window cracked open!!  Crazy.
Then I woke up again when hubby got home at 5AM!!  Argh!

My plan was for him to get me up when he gets up with baby girl in the morning to feed her.  Good idea, in theory.  Except she got up at 6:30ish, and that is not enough sleep for this girl!

So, I was going to walk in the afternoon.
Didn’t happen.

BUT – I popped in my Leslie Sansone Walk at Home dvd and did 2 miles!  Or, what they tell me is 2 miles.  I walked for 30 minutes – and burned 316 calories.

Something is better than nothing!! 

Plan for tomorrow is the same as it was this morning.  Hopefully hubby gets home earlier tonight.  He needs it.  He is SO drained.

Got to get to bed now… or wash bottles, then get to bed.  Especially if I want to make this happen – and I do, I so do!


Can I could the 2 mile ‘walk’ as part of my 21 days of walking I started? 


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