Spicy Thai Noodles, Yum!

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Baby girl’s Christmas list.
My Christmas list.
Oh oh oh, I could do this with that frame we aren’t using.
Must remember to add that to my list.
I really need to clean this house.
I’m going to eat lots of fruits and veggies today.
Oh, I could totally do that exercise.

……So, the above were a few thoughts that ran through my head, as I couldn’t fall asleep last night.  Plus lots more, that I cannot remember.  I always know I should write them down, but frankly, I just want to sleep!

Chicken or egg debate – want to get into it?  Haha.  My thoughts last night were, “If God created Adam and Eve as adults, wouldn’t he create animals fully grown?” Yep – so my though – chicken came first. 

You should see the Christmas list baby girl has!  So.many.toys!!  I have thought about her list for a while now (since my MiL asked and asked and asked what she wants).  Since she is just over seven months old, she really has no input.  We keep getting clothes from other relatives – so she’s pretty stocked on that.  What she doesn’t have is interactive toys.  Really all she has is some blocks (you know, the ones that you have to put in the right spot, to get back in the box…), some stuffed animals, chew toys, books and a bouncer.  So yes, her Christmas list is full of toys!  Toys and books she doesn’t have yet. 
I found enough (cheaper toys) so I can split the list and give one to hubby’s parents and one to mine.  That way, they will have different lists, so baby girl won’t get the same presents.  Returning stuff is never fun after the holidays! 

Yesterday I told you I had some fun things to show you, that I worked on last week.  I do – I’ll probably show you tomorrow!  I am currently working on something, I’m pretty excited about.  I thought of it last night – and figured, “why not give it a go?” So… we’ll see how it turns out. 

I will show you the most delicious Spicy Thai Noodles I made last week!  Oh my, YUM!
I may never order take-out again!  So good!

I followed the recipe from A Small Snippet, tweaking it ever so slightly – to fit my tastes.  I didn’t have everything on hand (green onions and cilantro), but it was just as tasty without it!  I also cut the recipe in half – as I wasn’t sure if I would love it, and I knew hubby wouldn’t touch it.  Worked out perfectly! 
I used 3/4 tbsp of the red pepper flakes, and it was perfect for me!  Oh, and I ate it warm, as I normally would.  So good!!  Cannot wait to make again!  I’m thinking next time I’d like to try it with rice noodles – but I cannot find them anywhere!  Where does one buy them?

I love these bowls!  I got them from my cousin, so I have no idea where they actually came from…
But they are perfect for holding chopsticks!! 

Spicy Thai Noodle (adapted ever so slightly from A Small Snippet)

1/2 Box Linguine, Angel Hair, Spaghetti, Rice Noodles (whatever you want)
3/4 tbsp Crushed Red Pepper (more or less depending on your spicy preference)
1/8 Cup Vegetable Oil
1/4 Cup Sesame Oil
3 tbsp Honey
3 tbsp Soy Sauce
Shredded Carrots, Chopped Peanuts and Toasted Sesame Seeds

Boil noodles.  Drain.
Heat both oils and crushed red pepper over medium heat in a small pan.
Strain out pepper and reserve oil. (a small mesh strainer would work great, I don’t have one though, so I improvised with a small cheese shredder, it worked!)
Whisk honey and soy sauce, into oil.
Toss mixture with noodles.
Plate noodles, and top with carrots, peanuts and toasted sesame seeds.

Yum, yum, yum!!  If you love Thai noodles – make this.  NOW!! 

I’m off now.  Need to finish tweaking baby girl’s list…. and then get on that project I want to make.  And hubby will be home in 2 hours!  So, lots of cuddle time!!  Yay! 

Have a wonderful hump day night!! 


1 thought on “Spicy Thai Noodles, Yum!

  1. I can't believe it's already time to be thinking about Christmas lists! But then again, the season always goes by so fast doesn't it?? Plus it's my favorite time of year. :-)Lots to look forward to. I don't have to sort through kids lists but I will pick up something for my 4 year old nephew. Have a great day Caylie

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