First snowfall of the season…

And it is actually sticking.  And there is lots of it! 
I’m in love right now… but come January, I’ll be ready for it to be gone.

Right now, I just want to curl up in the comfiest blanket we own, drink some hot cocoa and crank the Christmas tunes up. 
For real, that’s all I could think when it started to snow… “I really want to listen to Christmas music!”
It seems like it is more acceptable to listen to Christmas music now that there is snow on the ground. 

Not much of anything going on today.  I’m super tired.  Apparently the salsa chicken I made did not agree with me.  Ugh!  Up all night long.  Not cool.  Tonight I’m taking it easy with some simple pasta.  Plus, I need something easy to make, since the CMA’s are on tonight!   Woot!  Who else is excited?!  I can wait to see me some Brad Paisley!! 

Okay – I’m sorry if this isn’t much of a blog post.  Between being tired, taking care of baby girl and having to do the dishes… I just don’t have much time… or energy to put into this post.  Promise, tomorrow will be better!

Enjoy the snow… if it’s snowing where you are!


2 thoughts on “It’s SNOWING!

  1. Lol – I'm loving it NOW! Like I said though, come January, I'll be over it. So, yes, you will probably see me complaining about it come March or April… because, quite frankly, there should be no snow in March or April!! I like snow before Christmas, and the few days after…. after that, it can leave…

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