back in the land of internet connection

Hello There!
Long time.. no blogging.  That makes Caylie a sad girl.
But I’m back!  Back in the comfort of my own home and ready to get back into the swing of things!

Unfortunately, there will be no Friday Favorites today.  Boo, I know!  We got back earlier than I thought we would…. but I have loads of laundry to do… plus straightening up a little.  Mostly just hanging out with the baby girl and the hubby.  I know we were away together all week, but hubby was out at hunting camp, while I stayed at his parents.  We saw each other every day, but there were always other people around.  Alone time with the family is what we need!

It was a good week though.  Hubby shot an 8-point buck… just a little guy though.  I watched with a churning stomach as they skinned the deer… never again!  

  Baby girl, however, enjoyed her daddy’s buck! 
Look closely… check out baby girl’s new boots!!  She made out well this week… Two new pairs of boots (the pink pair and a brown pair), some dress shoes and some sneakers. 

Isn’t her hat the cutest?! 

She started eating those Gerber Puffs this week.  Not completely by herself… but apparently is getting the hang of it, at this very moment!  But while I was giving them to her, she looked like a little bird.  It was so stinking cute.

She also had her first pickle.  Yep.  Pickle.  I had a pickle for dinner the other night, she was sitting on my lap.  She kept reaching over to try and snatch it from my hand.  So, I figured I’d let her taste it… see if she still wanted it after that first taste.  You should have seen her face!!!  Hahaha.  Poor girl. 
But, before you think I’m a mean momma… you should know what happened after that first taste. 
She reached for it again…

She chewed on that pickle forever!!  That’s my girl… loves pickles.

Well, time to call it a night.  Back to regularly scheduled programming on Monday… maybe an update this weekend…


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