Oh What a Night…

I had a date last night…
With my cousin.
Or, as we call each other, my sister-cousin.
I love hanging out with that chick – and I am in love with the coffee shops she takes me to! 
Pictures were taken from my phone, so definitely not to best quality!

 Last night we hit up Kavarna Coffeehouse in Green Bay.  I’ve been there twice now, and loved it both times!  Not only is it an amazing coffeehouse, it is also a vegetarian cafe.  With amazing food!!

Delicious chai latte!  I love me some chai.  Got me in the holiday spirit – as my friend wrote on Facebook – “Chai tea tastes like Christmas!”  So true, so very true!

Baby girl had a blast there as well.  She loved chewing on the table place card.  Not sure how I felt about that.. but she was enjoying it – and it was probably nice on her gums.  Don’t worry, it didn’t last for long – I took it away shortly after this picture was taken.  I replaced it with her sippy-cup.

Look how well she is using the cup!  Such a big girl!!

Our food came out – looking and smelling delicious!!  Sister-cousin got an order of yam fries for us to share.  Just like I thought, I didn’t enjoy them.  I like my savory food, savory…not sweet.  She enjoyed them though, guess that is what matters!

She got the Cuban Black Bean Quesadilla, which I’m assuming she enjoyed… since, you know, she ate it all!

I got the Feta Portabella Wrap.  Not a very good picture of it, but it had grilled portabella mushrooms, feta cheese, garlic cream cheese, spinach and red onions.  It was so good!!! 

And the grand finale…. Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcake with Cherry Frosting.  Oh.My.Goodness!!!!!!   This was so freaking amazing!  Sister-cousin and I split it… which was definitely a good idea, since the thing was huge – and pretty rich.  But so delicious!!! 

It’s okay to drool a little. 

You done? No? It’s okay, I’ll wait.

Done now?  Yes?  Good – I highly recommend heading over to Kavarna for a real taste.  You won’t regret it! 

I adore the lights on the trees, lining the street in downtown GB.  The holiday feeling is complete seeing these.

I’m off to be crafty!  I have some holiday decorations I need to make.  I am so ready for my house to feel festive!  And I don’t have any Christmas decorations, other than those for the tree.  So, time to get my craft on and make some!  I’ll have an update tomorrow with the final projects!


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