Thanksgiving & Holiday Crafts

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Hubby, baby girl and I have had a low-key, amazing Thanksgiving!

It started this morning cuddling in bed watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Baby girl didn’t enjoy that very much though… so eventually we had to move it to the living room.

I really, really wanted to do the Turkey Trot this year, but didn’t pre-register, and we don’t have enough money to fork over $50 to register at the event today.  Boo!  Next year, I’ll be sure to save up the money – and pre-register!

After feeding baby girl, it was time for the Packers game!!!   Oh my goodness… it was not looking like a good game during the first quarter!  Thankfully the Packers actually started to play like…. the Packers – and we came out victorious… once again!!


 She is such a cute little stinker!!  I love her!

Guess these boxes aren’t going to last as long as I thought.  Little girl is learning how to use them to help her stand up.  She is getting so big, too fast! 

Since it is only the two of us eating the turkey, we always just buy the Jennie-O turkey breast.  Pop it in the oven, cook for about two hours and the wonderful smell of turkey wafts through the house.  Some corn, green beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce and rolls completed the meal.  And let us not forget pumpkin pie!  Yum!!  We usually make way too much food for Thanksgiving, but this year, I’ve learned how to cut things back – and only make enough for two, instead of six!

I made Pioneer Woman’s homemade cranberry sauceso good!! 

Homemade pumpkin pie!  

 The lovely delicious Thanksgiving meal baby girl got to eat…

Our meal!  Turkey, corn, rolls, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy.  Oh, and pumpkin pie.  And our drinks… Haha.

After dinner and the game, it was time to set up our Christmas tree!  We have done it every Thanksgiving, since we’ve known each other.  Traditions… I like them!

As I said I was making decorations for the walls.

I found a few things online to print and frame.  I love them!
Both printables were found on A Simply Klassic Home.

I took a few picture frames and wrapped them like a present, bows and all!  So simple.  I have a horrible time hanging pictures straight, so please forgive the crookedness!

I wanted to make a fun ornament wreath.  However, once I had the ornaments on the wire hanger – I realized I didn’t buy enough!  UGH!  And it wasn’t looking the way I imagined it to look.
I tore that apart and found some ideas on Pinterest.  I had wanted to do one with a frame, because it looked so fun and different.  I didn’t have a frame big enough… Double ugh!!  So, what did I do?!  I took two 5×7 frames, and wrapped them together.  Then cut out the holes and created this…

Okay, not your typical wreath – but I’m loving it.  Hubby still needs to warm up to it… he keeps saying, “I like it, but it isn’t a wreath.” New age wreath, hubby… New age!!

Finally, the Christmas tree!  Love it!  
Whoa… Sorry for the blurry picture! 

My favorite ornament.  My great-grandma made this a very long time ago.  It was on my tree when I was young – and eventually it ended up in my collection.  I love it!! 

Our place finally feels like we are approaching the holiday season!

I can’t believe there is only a month left before Christmas!  Oy, where has the time gone?!

Did anyone fight the crowds to shop today?  I’ve stayed put in the comfort of my home.  Hubby has to work (boo, I know), and I don’t do crowds well.  Last year was horrible when I had to work that day…. I just want to relax this year.  Maybe I’ll shop online – so much easier!

Yep – this is going to be a fun keeping baby girl from pulling the tree over!

Stay tuned for Friday Favorites!!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving & Holiday Crafts

  1. Love the wreath! If you had a house, with a door to an outside porch, I would expect a real wreath though…the smell of fresh cut pine branches…ahhhh. Granny's Christmas ornaments rock! They were always my favorite of all our ornaments.

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