clean clean clean, all day long…

Wow!  I’ll tell you… I got so much done today!!
Our bedroom was looking…. well, like a storage unit and not a bedroom. 
I was tired of it… Tired, I say!! 
I went about sorting and folding (laundry, everywhere!) 
The next thing I know, I could see the floor again!  Yay!
There are still some clothes on the bed, which need to be put in the dressers, but overall, much cleaner! 

I’ve also been doing loads upon loads of laundry. 
I’m trying to get as much done before the weekend as possible. 
There is nothing worse than wasting my weekend cleaning, when I could be hanging out with the hubby! 

I also put together my list of Christmas cookies.  Thanks sister-cousin and Ali for your suggestions.  Basically I decided to make a bunch of cookies I never made before, except for the sugar cookies.. but Christmas and sugar cookies go hand in hand. 

 I plan on doing a test run of a few of these this weekend.  Hopefully they turn out well!

Oh, I also want to show you what I did on Sunday night.  Nothing spectacular, but I really wanted to have a place to put the cards we got this year.  I’ve seen a few things around the web – and this is what I came up with.  As my hubby says, “It kind of looks like the lights are lassoing the picture.” Yeah… not my best work… but it looks nice when all the lights are off. 

And, it really is a good place to display the cards!

With that, I’m off to relax and enjoy a nice glass of Silk Nog. 

Have a wonderful night!  

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