Christmas at Lambeau

Tonight we took baby girl to see Santa. 
Do you remember when it use to be free to get your pictures taken with him?! 
Psht.. Now it’s $20 for two 5x7s. Crazy! 
Apparently Santa’s elves are getting paid nicely this year.

We made it to the mall, and the line wasn’t as crazy as I thought it was going to be.  Only four families in front of us, and two of them left before seeing Santa.  One because the little boy changed his mind.  And the other, because the one year old just peed/pooped through her diaper.  Good thing baby girl was on her best behavior!

She would not smile though.  Just sat stone-faced.  I think there was just too much going on around her… all of “Santa’s elves” were trying to get her to smile with toys and noise makers… and it was just so much commotion, I don’t think she knew what to do.  She kept looking at Santa though..and that was so cute.  Kind of like they have their own secret conversation going on.

After we left the mall, we drove around trying to figure out where we wanted to eat.  We needed to grab something quick, because baby girl was getting hungry, and I didn’t bring any real food with for her.  But hubby didn’t want fast food.

We ended up driving past Lambeau Field and I couldn’t resist stopping and getting pictures!

I love the Christmas tree!  Probably one of my favorite sights of the season!

Baby girl was getting cold, so we heading inside the Atrium. 

We’ve never been there when it wasn’t a game day.  It was so weird not having people bump into you.  And being able to take a picture of whatever you wanted!  Pretty fantastic! 
The Pro Shop was packed though… but not too crazy.
We ended up leaving the Pro Shop with a friend for baby girl.

I love it!  When we saw it in the store, I held it up for baby girl and she smiled and reached for it right away.  Go figure she loves Aaron Rodgers!  Now she get’s to cuddle with him every night.  Lucky girl.

I think this is our new tradition.  Go see Santa, then go see the tree at Lambeau and wander around the Atrium.  It was a fantastic night!  I loved every moment of it!

Oh… and one more thing.  I took a picture of the tree and posted it to Twitter. 
Greg Jennings retweeted it!!  Kind of a big deal! 

Would have been cooler if he commented it on or something.  But the fact that he picked it to retweet is pretty fantastic!  Totally made my night.  I’m still beaming from it. 

What are you holiday traditions?


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