First Christmas Treats

Well, my weekend didn’t turn out exactly as planned. 
Hubby didn’t get home early on Friday night… he got home around 4am. 
When we woke up on Saturday, he wasn’t feeling well.  So he slept while I took care of baby girl.
He woke up around 3pm, showered, got his haircut, showered again… and by that time, it was closing in on 5:30.  I ended up going out myself… I needed to do some personal shopping and needed to pick a few more things up for cookies. 
Sunday we watch the horrible Packers game, then I went out for coffee and bumming with my sister-cousin. 
I wanted to start baking some cookies… that didn’t happen. 

I did end up making the first of the treats though… the really super simple treat. 
Chocolate covered pretzels – or close to it. 

The longest part of making these, is unwrapping the kisses!  Took forever!
I used the Candy Cane kisses.

 And the Hug kisses. 

 The putting them on the pretzel part took a while too… but not nearly as long as unwrapping.

 Thank goodness I’m done with these.  As much as I love them, they are slightly annoying to make.

Bake at 170 degrees for 6-10 minutes.  The pop another pretzel on top.

I popped the tray in the freezer, then broke them apart and put them in ziplock bags.

Mmmm. Chocolate pretzel sandwiches! 

It is taking everything I have to not open the freezer and munch on these! 

I’m off.  I plan to bake a cookie a day all week.  Haven’t done that yet today, so must get on that!
I’ll update you tomorrow on which one I made and how they turned out.


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