Christmas Came Early!

Hubby had a vacation day today… though he has to work tomorrow… I know, I know!  
So, we decided to celebrate Christmas with our little family today, since we are traveling for Christmas, and didn’t really want to lug the presents with.

Baby girl wasn’t sure what to think, when we openly handed her a present to open.

Typically we shoo her away from the tree and the boxes that keep her in the living room.

She just stared at the present at first, then started hitting it.

Eventually hubby helped her out a little, but she just kept hitting at the paper.  It was quite cute.

Finally I put her on my lap and helped her.

Yay for first Christmas gifts!

She got a Laugh and Learn Mailbox.
I thought it did more than it actually does. I thought something happened when you put the letters through the slot in the top – but nothing does.

She does enjoy chewing on the letters.

And opened the mailbox a few times.

So she seems to enjoy it, guess that is what matters.

Baby girl and I got hubby a subscription to Beckett Football.

He loves that magazine, but it costs $9.99 buying it at the store!

I got the year subscription for $26.95.  Much better deal – crazy how much they over-charge you at the store!

Baby girl would much rather play with the plastic bags from daddy’s present, than that mailbox we got her…

“Oh, listen… I can make noise with this bag!  So much more fun than that mailbox!!”

I had to take the bag away from her though, because she kept wanting to chew on it.
Not okay, baby girl… Not okay.

Hubby and baby girl got me the Best Ever Cupcake Icing Kit.


I cannot wait to make cupcakes so I can use it!  I really wanted it before baby girl turns one, because I want to make her cupcakes, but I want to make them look nice.

This kit is seriously, the best ever!    It comes with five extra large tips and a professional pastry bag.

They even have a video on the site to demonstrate each tip.  Looks so easy!  Can’t wait!
The tips are huge!  When they say extra large, they mean it!

 So freaking big!  But I can’t wait to use them!  I have a feeling frosting cupcakes will be super easy now!

The rest of the day, we went shopping for some last minute presents.  Then I baked, baked and baked some more!  I can officially say I am done baking for the year!  Woo!!  So.Many.Cookies! I didn’t think I was going to be making as many as I did.
Oh well, now I can split it between my family and hubby’s family.

I’ll leave you with a picture that makes me smile.

Baby girl had some crazy hair when we came back from shopping… from her hat.  Then daddy kept blowing her hair, so it stood up like a mohawk.
She is still so stinking cute though!

I’ll show you the cookies I made tomorrow… I need to clean up, do dishes and go to bed.  So tired.


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