Home Sweet Home

Wow, what a weekend!
We are finally back home… well, we’ve been here since late Monday night.
Yesterday hubby’s brother and girlfriend came over to visit, and we spent the night chatting, playing Wii bowling and playing Phase 10.  Quite a long day, this girl was tired!
Oh and we also went shopping that morning to return some things from Christmas, and to finally get me my Keurig.  Well, okay, not a Keurig… but the Mr. Coffee with Keurig technology.
I read the reviews and decided that was the best way for me to go.  Much cheaper than the mini Keurig, which I didn’t even like.. yet still does the exact same thing.
I pretty much love it.  Coffee is so much easier to make in the mornings now!  Woot!

Christmas was a fun day at my parents place.  Lots of presents for baby girl.
Plus a Packers win – made the day perfect!

Here are some pictures from Christmas.

After church on Christmas Eve.

Isn’t she the cutest?!  Such a happy little girl! 

Christmas morning breakfast.  I brought everything to make breakfast for the family – but my step-mom ended up cooking it all (aside from the donuts, I made those!).  Apparently I’m no good at making breakfast for a mass amount of people!  But it was yummy – great way to start the day!

Santa found baby girl – even though she wasn’t at home.  What an awesome guy, that Santa!

Santa knows baby girl loves books!  A Curious George book with eight stories is the greatest!

“Here Mom, let me get that wrapping paper off!”

It’s a pink puppy!!!
(Here is the back story – when I was a little one, my family got this HUGE pink puppy… Like one of those stuffed animals you would get at the carnival.  I apparently hated that thing.  There is one picture of it, where my brothers are holding me and I am just screaming my head off.  I hated that pink puppy.  My parents had to throw it out.  My brothers still won’t let me forget about that.  How I destroyed their pink puppy.  So, my family thought it would be a fantastic idea to get baby girl a pink puppy… She apparently loved it.. However, it isn’t anywhere near as big or scary as the one we had as children.)

“Momma, look, balls!!”

 “Grandma, let’s break this thing out and get cooking!”
Don’t you love the reindeer on her butt?! 

 Baby girl loves her box full of balls!  The balls will actually go in her play pen, but she didn’t have that at my parents place.  So the box from my dad’s Christmas present would have to do.  She loved it.

 Playing with her cousin.  Those two are just too cute!  So precious!

All tuckered out after a long Christmas day.  Cuddling up with her uncle. 

Well, I’m out.  I swear we will be back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.
Now, I’m going to sit back and catch up with the Christmas movies I couldn’t watch before Christmas.  Thank you, Hulu for letting me watch these movies!


1 thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. I'm behind on blog posting too. Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL Christmas. I didn't know your daughter's name was Lilly. I thought you named her Baby Girl 😉 Ha HaI love the Christmas picture of you three by the tree. It's a keeper – or a Christmas card for next year!Now it's time to get back to the regular routine eh? What a change of pace after the bustle of the last few weeks!

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