Winter Has Reached Wisconsin

Well, it happened.  The first major snow fall of the season.  I’d say it started around 11am, and has been snowing every since.
My only problem with this snow, is that it’s the light/slick snow.  I would prefer the big ol’ puffy flakes. 

Today has been a lazy day (go figure).  I haven’t been feeling well.  Woke up with a scratchy throat and a cough.  And just felt exhausted. 
I slept off and on until about 2pm.  I know!   
I feel better at the moment.  Just tired… but you know… I’m always tired, so really it isn’t anything new.

I hate when I feel sick, because I just want to do nothing and basically eat everything within my sight.  Not cool.  Same things happen when I get very little sleep. 
So needless to say, I’ve been eating everything I can get my hands on. 
Thankfully my stomach only allows so much, or I would have gained 20 pounds in these last few days!

But I didn’t.  I gained nothing!  Though, the losing part isn’t working at the moment.

The other day I made a weekly calendar printout.  Not really sure what I want to include in each section – but I do have a section that has five glasses of water.  Makes it much easier to track my intake when I can cross each off after I finish them. 
I would like to say… Yesterday I drank 80 ounces of water!  Woot!! 
Today…. not so much.  I’m half way there.  And since my days don’t end until about 2am… I’d say I have plenty of time to get the rest in.

Honestly, I’m spent.  I’m going to attempt some yoga… then curl up with my Kindle. 
Hope you all have a better day than I did!  No one get sick… okay?! 
And if you’re in a place that is snowing – drive safe if you are out and about. 


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