Asian Turkey Meatballs, Noodles & Veggies (Tasty Tuesday)

Can we step back for a moment – and talk about this weekend.
We traveled to my parents place – to meet our new niece, who was born on Jan. 9th. 
Oh man, is she itty bitty!  I don’t have a picture of her – but trust me, she is tiny!  I mean, her weight is a normal birth weight – but she just looks so tiny!  I can’t ever remember baby girl being that small – and baby girl weighed less than a pound more than her. 
Can we also talk about the football games that occurred this weekend? 
Seriously – both the teams I am cheering for lose?!  By three points?!  Ridiculous! 
So now, the Giants vs Patriots in the Superbowl.  Who do I cheer for?!  The team I hate and cannot stand to watch – or the team that took the Packers out of the playoffs (though, I think the Packers kind of took the Packers out of the playoffs). 
Guess I’ll be cheering for the Giants – since I literally want to drop-kick everyone on the Patriots team. 

Moving on to tonight’s dinner…
I’ve made this once before and it was delicious. 
I thought since it was the new year – I’d bring the recipe back and update it a little.
Asian Turkey Meatballs and Spicy Thai Noodles with Veggies. 

Yum!  I may have kept the meatballs in the oven a little too long – but the inside was still nice and moist!  I kind of love the crunchy outside! 

 Spicy Thai Noodles with stir fry veggies.

Asian Turkey Meatballs.

The only changes I made to either of the recipes – is adding red pepper flakes into the meatballs – and leaving the pepper flakes in the noodles – (I didn’t strain the oil after warming up). 
So delicious!  A little more spicy – but I love it! 

Go. Make. Enjoy.


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