I Heart Nut Butter

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Or, as baby girl would say, “Happy First Valentine’s Day!”

Isn’t she the cutest?! 
She was my Valentine today.
So was hubby – but he had to go to work.

We finally have our computer up and running – without a virus!  Woot!
So glad to be able to log into blogger again! 

On Sunday my sister-cousin and I hung out.
We went to our usual coffee shop.
After eating some delicious food.
And drinking some delicious drinks…
We got a cupcake to share.
It was the last one there.
Chocolate with raspberry frosting.

Sounds delicious, right?!
Looks delicious.
But it wasn’t delicious.
I bet it would have been delicious had we got it the day it was made.
It was so dry – and crusty.  And it just tasted old.
Good thing to know – never order the last cupcake.
Get a cupcake that has multiple friends around.
Oh, this won’t deter me from getting another cupcake there.
The first cupcake we had was amazing.
I’m sure the chocolate, raspberry filled, chocolate frosted cupcake would have been amazing too…
But I felt that would have been too much chocolate.
Silly, I know.

After the coffee shop, we bummed around some stores.
And went grocery shopping.
I picked up more than I needed.
But all the fruits looked so delicious.

This was my breakfast yesterday morning.

Organic strawberries (which were so good), Justin’s Honey Almond Butter on whole wheat toast, and water. 
It was the first time I’ve ever tried Justin’s nut butters – and oh.my.goodness was it amazing!
Too bad they only had the single serving packet at that store.  I’ll have to find a jar – so I can enjoy the deliciousness more often.

I was craving something sweet and chocolate tonight.
So, I figured I’d use those delicious strawberries.
Mmmm. Chocolate covered strawberries.
Only, I didn’t have any chocolate.
But, I did pick up a Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter pack the other day.
So, I chopped up some strawberries and drizzled plopped the nut butter over them.

This was so yummy.
Hit the spot – and was so much better than plain old chocolate!

Now I’m sad that I have no more Justin’s Nut Butter in my house.
I need jars of nut butter! 
I need them now!

I should have told hubby to get me that for Valentine’s Day!  Haha.
I hope you were able to spend the day with whoever/whatever you love today!


2 thoughts on “I Heart Nut Butter

  1. It is so delicious! I picked up the squeeze packs at woodmans. I don't know what other stores sell them in this area.guess I'll be making a few stops this weekend.I think my cousin said tj maxx in appleton had jars of Justin's. Though, I could be wrong.the squeeze packs are 99 cents, so you could try them out to see if you enjoy.

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