Mmmm, Honey..

Good news!
I woke up today feel great.
Well, I was tired… but that is due to womanly issues.
But my muscles weren’t screaming at me. 

I’ve been starving when I get up in the morning these past few days.
Typically I can wait an hour or two before my stomach starts grumbling at me.
Not this week.
This week, as soon as I get out of bed my stomach is saying “feed me!” 
So, I did. 
Slightly same breakfast as earlier this week.

Peanut butter and honey toast, strawberries, chai latte and water

Back in the day (when I was pregnant), I would eat peanut butter and honey toast for breakfast every morning.
I needed something in my stomach – because I was so nauseous upon waking.
This was the only thing I could keep down for breakfast. 
Nine months of peanut butter and honey toast…. gets old. 
*Fun fact: I would never eat upon waking.  I would suffer through the nausea while taking a shower.. then I would eat breakfast. Even though I would gag in the shower every morning I still never ate before.  Weird, I know…*

So, I haven’t had it for almost a year… 
But now it tastes good again.
And it’s just the right amount for me. 
I still can’t eat a huge breakfast…
Not a morning eater, I suppose. 

Oh. and this honey… it makes the toast so much better.

It’s like candy.  Ugh, it is so good! 

Now, if only I had that almond butter.
It tastes so much better than peanut butter.

On to more excited news today.
Baby girl took her first alone steps! 
I was shaking up her bedtime bottle, standing near the chair.
She was on the ground, playing around my feet.
She decided to climb up me – and I walked away to get her a new diaper.
She continued to stand there – all by herself (which she has been doing more and more of lately).
So, I grabbed her diaper and I turn to see her walking towards the chair (to get her bottle).
All by herself!!
She took maybe four steps. 
But it was four steps all by herself! 

After that, I wanted to see her do it again. 
So, I grabbed the bottle and held it just out of her reach.
She climbed up to standing position (holding onto the chair), and took about three steps all by herself reaching for the bottle.
I think she would have walked a little more, had she not tripped over her toy laying on the floor.

After that… she was getting super crabby, so I couldn’t get her to walk again.

Maybe tomorrow?!

Oh, she’s also been testing her boundaries a lot more.  

She climbed up on the box and started playing with the speaker.
Time to hide…. everything.



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