Birthday Cupcakes!

Today is my hubby’s birthday.
We celebrated a little early (yesterday), since he has to work today.

Baby girl enjoyed her half a cupcake very much.
And by very much… I mean..
Very Much.

 She had chocolate all the way up her arms.
And all over her face.
And most of the cupcake landed on the floor.
But all the frosting ended up in her mouth.
She went right off to a bath after this.

Hubby requested his flavor of cupcake.
I happily obliged.
And I got to break out my cupcake icing kit I got for Christmas.
It is amazing!
I mean, seriously, look at that frosting!

If I do say so myself… It is my best yet!
Hubby requested a vanilla cupcake with raspberry filling and chocolate frosting.

And that is what he got.
It was so delicious.
I honestly think it got better after a few days.
I gave half to his parents when we saw them on Saturday.
That way, we didn’t eat 24 of them ourselves.

Anywho – birthday cupcake number one is a success!
Number two will be for baby girl’s birthday at the end of March.
I am so looking forward to using my icing kit again!

 Happy Birthday, Hubby!  Love you lots!


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