Football Watching

We took Lilly to Packers practice on Monday night (also on Thursday night, but it was so packed we barely saw anything). 
While Chris was at work – I got Lilly all ready to cheer on the practice.
Can’t really see it in the picture – but those are green and yellow hair ties.  

We got seats this time, but were only able to sit there for about half an hour before Lilly started getting antsy.  So we got up and wandered around. 
Lilly loved running through the Atrium.  It was mostly empty – so she just kept running around having a grand old time.

Eventually someone started getting a little sleepy, so it was time to head home.

 I doubt we’ll be hitting up another practice, since most of them are in the morning or afternoon now. 
Maybe next year Lilly will be able to sit still a little longer.

So… I think we’ve been watching too much gymnastics on the Olympics, because Lilly has been crawling on everything – and jumping off.. and is attempting some somersaults.

Such a little gymnast.


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