Pregnancy Update – 30 Weeks

How far along? 30 weeks

Weight gain/loss:  Still at -8lbs lost.

Feeling: Okay.  Still tired, but not ridiculously so, that I can barely function, like before.

Maternity clothes? Still rocking what I have.  I’m hoping that these will stick with me for the next 10 weeks!

Sleep: Eh…. it’s getting back to what it use to be.  Not being able to fall asleep until after midnight.  My hip pain has stopped (for now), and so has my sciatica.  So… for the most part, once I fall asleep, I’m usually good…. until I have to pee.

Food cravings: Chris brought some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups home last night… Needless to say, that is ALL I have been thinking about all day today.  Ugh.

Movement?  In the mornings, in the afternoons… but his favorite time is at night, when I want to relax. Plus, instead of just kicking or punching, it now feels like he just leans his whole body into the side of my uterus.  So instead of seeing my belly move, I just feel lots of pressure on one side.  So weird.

What I miss?   Being able to stand up and sit down without doing it in slow motion. 

Best moment this week:   Starting a knitting project.

What I’m looking forward to:  Girls night tonight!  My friend who currently lives in Colorado is here visiting, and we’re getting together with another friend tonight.  Like old times (you know 2007, before she moved away!)

Next Appointment: Friday, Oct. 19th.  Well, technically, I have to go in tomorrow to do the darn 3 hour glucose test… but I’m refusing to count that.


18 Month Update

This update is a little late.
But considering what is going on in this household, I’m lucky to have even gotten to it at all!

Lilly’s 18 Month Update:

Weight: 24.4 lbs

Height: 31 inches

Teeth: 7 in total (almost 9), 3 on top (with one molar trying to poke through) and 4 on bottom (2 teeth, 2 molars)

Hair:  Light Brown

Eyes: Blueish/Grayish
 Sleep: 11 hour at night (9:30pm-8:30am sometimes more or less depending on how she feels), one nap during the day ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours. 

Favorite foods:  Pizza, peaches, apples/applesauce, crackers, grilled cheese, mandarin oranges… She eats just about anything I put in front of her, but she has her moments when she refuses to eat anything but crackers.

Favorite things: Her blankie, Puppy, a Leap Frog caterpillar, my phone and helping me in the kitchen.

Favorite books: God Gave Us You – we read it to her every night, and she has yet to get sick of it… US on the other hand…..

Words: “Dada”, “Mama”, “Thank You”, “Cracker”, “Love You”, she sings “Up Above” from ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’… She doesn’t say a lot, but if you ask her to get something, (some animal) she knows exactly which one to get. 

Temperament: Generally happy, outgoing around people she knows, she gets shy around those she doesn’t know well… but that usually goes away within a few minutes.  She’s a stinker, and she knows it.  She knows how to play us (already!) and she uses it to her advantage daily. 

Dislikes: Cuddling, sitting still for longer than a second, being told “no”, the vacuum cleaner…

Milestones: She is fearless when it comes to stairs.  We don’t have any at our apartment, so I didn’t expect her to know what to do when she encountered them.. but when we are at Grandma and Grandpa’s, she needed help with the porch steps once, and after that, she figured out how to do it all by herself.  She is throwing balls to us and sometimes catching them.  She is climbing on EVERYTHING.  She is very interested in watching me write things out.  She can ‘sing’ along to the ABC’s… sometimes I hear her just singing along with her caterpillar… it is quite cute.

What we’re working on: Saying “Please” and other words.  Most of her words come out as “Dada” right now. Learning colors and ABCs.  Listening to Chris and I, especially when she does something ‘wrong’.  Understanding the word “No”. 

Pregnancy Update – 29 Weeks

How far along? 29 weeks

Weight gain/loss: Since I first found out I was pregnant, I have lost -8.  Most of that was within the first 2 months of being pregnant.  I am slowly gaining about a pound at each appointment.

Feeling: Tired/Exhausted. Being pregnant while taking care of an 18 month old is definitely taking a toll on me.  And my sciatic nerve has been acting up the last two week, (and by acting up, I mean shooting pain throughout my butt to my ankle).  There are days where I can barely walk because of it.

Maternity clothes? I have one pair of pants and two actual maternity shirts.  The other shirts I wear are just plus size, so I can still wear them after baby comes.

Sleep: Eh… my hips are starting to hurt when I lay on them too much – so I’m flipping from side to side all night now.  Plus the whole getting up to pee thing…

Food cravings: Anything salty… then anything sweet.  But mostly I haven’t had any huge cravings lately.

Movement? Like crazy!  I swear he thinks I’m a boxing bag.  Throughout the day he’ll kick here and there…but once I’m ready to lay down and go to bed, is when he goes crazy.

What I miss?  Alcohol… and I really didn’t drink much before.  And not being exhausted all the time. 

Best moment this week: Getting a kitchen rug for 20 cents at Kohls.  It’s the little things that make me happy. 

What I’m looking forward to: Taking Lilly to a Halloween event in two weeks.  It sounds like it’ll be a blast and she’s going to look so freaking cute.

Next Appointment: Friday, Oct. 19th. 

Milestones: Baby is between 15.2 and 16.7 inches long and weighs between 2.5 and 3.8 pounds (according to