A-Z About Me

I saw this on one of the blogs that I read, and thought I’d give it a go.
So, here you go…you’ll now know more about me that you probably care to!

Age: 27 – though I thought I was 27 when I was 26, so I’m quite confused.  I’ll be 28 in April.

Bed Size:  Queen, it’s great when it’s just Chris and I.  But when you pile two kids in…

Chore you hate:  Dishes – our dishwasher leaves a gross white residue, that nothing we do makes go away, so I wash them all by hand.  And I get lazy, so the dishes pile up – then I have a TON to do.  If I would only wash them after dinner every night.
Oh, and laundry – I seriously HATE folding clothes.  I don’t want to say it, but typically mine and Chris’ clothes stay (unfolded) in the basket.

Dogs: I had a dog when I was a kid.  Scruffy.  He was an awesome guard dog.  He bit an uncle when he tried to come into our house, after knocking and no one answering (awesome guard dog!!), and my dad had enough of the dog, so the uncle took him to “a farm in the country”.  Jerk.  There is a reason why I never talk to or want to talk to that uncle.
Chris and I would like to get a dog… someday.  First we need a house.

Essential Start to you day:  A shower, which don’t typically happen in the mornings anymore, unless I want to get up crazy early!  Therefore, I am usually tired and dragging all day long.  Oh, an a cup of coffee can do wonders.
Give me a shower and a cup of coffee and I’ll be unstoppable!

Favorite Color: Green. In most shades.  But really love olive and lime green.

Gold or Silver: Silver.  Or white gold.  I can’t stand the gold color though.  My wedding ring is white gold – but it’s wearing off, so in some light you catch gold.  I should really go get it re-plated.

Height: 5’5″

Instruments you play:  Nothing right now.  I played the flute from 5th grade until I graduated high school.  I got my mom’s guitar when I was 16, but have yet to learn to play it.

Job Title: Mom.

Kids: Two… and that is all!

Live: Northeastern Wisconsin.  Very close to the amazing Packers!

Married: Yep.  For 3 (going on 4) years.

Nicknames: Cales, Cy, Caylie-Bird (though, I haven’t been called that in years).

Overnight Hospital Stays: The only time I ever stayed overnight in the hospital… heck the only time I’ve ever been in the hospital for myself, was when I gave birth to the kids.

Pet Peeve: Horrible drivers, chewing with your mouth open (or just eating freaking loud), people who create their own drama – yet blame others for it, seeing people get things handed to them (while my hubby has to work his ass off and we just barely get by)…. I could go on and on.. but this is starting to piss me off….

Quote: “Embrace those who love you and whom you love, and rid yourself of those who will only bring you down.”

Righty or Lefty: Righty… though I use my left hand to take lids off bottles.

Siblings: 2 older brother, 2 older step-brothers and a younger sister.

Time you wake up: Bahahaha!  Today was amazing and I got up when Chris got up (6:45am).  After I finished feeding Josh, I jumped in the shower to start my day ridiculously early.  But I have been able to get SO much done already today!  I’d like to start getting up around this time every morning… typically before I would get up between 8-8:30, whenever Lilly decided to get up… and would usually fall asleep on the couch while she watched Sesame Street.

University Attended: Northcentral Tech… I would like to go back to school… but haven’t decided where yet (or how I’ll afford it).

Veggies you dislike: Peas… they are gross.  I hated feeding them to Lilly when she was a baby… finally I gave up (she loved them, but I couldn’t stand the smell of them)… I mean, after all, I hate them and Chris hates them… so we will never make/eat them… So why should Lilly eat them?

What makes you run late: The kids.  I was never a late person in my life, until I had kids.  Now, no matter how early I start getting them ready, I am always running late.

X-rays you’ve had: The only one I had was when I was in 6th grade… it was on my knee.  Crazy messed up knee.

Yum Food: Pizza…. Ice cream… Indian food… Cupcakes… gah… I could go on and on.

Zoo favorite Animal:  I love the giraffe at the local zoo.  And the penguins.


When I Grow Up, I Want To Be…

I just recently found Monday Listicles.  And this week, I have my crap together enough to actually join in.

1. Ballerina – I started ballet when I was 5, and there was a time where I was seriously considering dancing forever.  By the time I was 10, I realized ballet was mostly my mom’s dream, and when she died, ballet was over for me.
2. Singer/Actress – I cannot tell you the countless hours I sang along to the radio in my room, pretending I was on stage… or making up random movies that I was the lead actress in.
3. Baker – I use to bake with my aunt every time I went to her place.  I thought it would be so fun to do it for a living.  This dream has come back in recent years, as I love to make desserts, especially cakes/cupcakes.  I would love to work in a bakery right now… Just saying.
4. Teacher – I think this was the longest running dream of mine.  From about 4th grade until 8th grade, I really wanted to be a teacher.  Then I realized how mean and spiteful kids in my class were to teachers, and I really didn’t want to deal with that. Though I got to ‘teach’ kindergartens back in my stint in AmeriCorps in 2006-2007 and that was amazing.
5. Nurse – I wrote a speech about being a nurse in the 3rd grade. Come Senior year when I had to decide what I wanted to be, I couldn’t decide being a nurse or an early childhood educator… I picked the later, and lasted a semester before switching majors (not to nursing).  I have been really considering going back to school to become a nurse though… Just a matter of finding time and money… but I really think this may happen.
6. Photographer – I love all things photos.  And thought it would be such a fun job to travel the world and take photos.  Then I downsized to just taking wedding/family photos.  Now… well, I love taking photos and really want a good camera… but it’s just for fun now.
7. Author/Writer – I wanted to write a series like Sweet Valley High or The Babysitters Club.  Then I wanted to write for a magazine.  Now… well, we’ll see…
8. Librarian – I love/ed reading. I thought it would be so fun to have a job where I got to be surrounded by books everyday… and read to my hearts content.
9. Cosmetologist – As a sophomore, I wrote a term paper on wanting to be a cosmetologist… I don’t know why… since I suck at doing anything to my own hair… and my make-up is pretty minimal. Needless to say, the idea didn’t last much longer than the paper.
10. Graphic Designer – I loved laying out the newspaper in high school. I wanted to work for a magazine as a designer. Went to college for it… ended up loving the more technical side of it… not the designing part. Had one amazing job in the field… and now don’t really want to go back into the field.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Three Became Four Part 1

On a Wednesday morning, I woke up with cramping.
You know, the menstrual type cramping that completely sucks.
Yeah, I had that going on – plus some back pain… it was so much fun.
I made it through the day and hoped maybe something more would happen the next day.
No such luck – still more cramping on Thursday, but no actual contractions.
I was hopeful when I went to my doctor appointment on Friday afternoon… After all, with Lilly, I had the cramping for a day and a half before my water broke.  Everyone says the second one happens faster…
My doctor checked me, said I was at 3 cm, but I wasn’t effaced at all… UGH!  What the heck has all this cramping been about?!
My doctor did say that I could have this baby any day now… and she even said that she would induce me, if I wanted, after 39 weeks.  But I still had a week to go for that… and I really didn’t want to be induced if I didn’t have to be.
Yes, being pregnant was getting old…. but there was nothing medically wrong with me and I could carry this baby to term, if that’s what needed to be.

So, I spent the rest of Friday night enjoying the lovely cramping, hoping it would turn to more.

Well…. the more came on Saturday morning.
I woke up at 4am to a contraction.
It lasted maybe 30 seconds… and didn’t come again for 15-20 minutes.  I can’t say for sure, since I fell asleep between them, with it being 4AM and all…
Chris had to work that Saturday, and he was leaving at 6:30am.  When he got up to shower, I got up to use the bathroom and noticed some slight blood when I wiped.
OH BOY!!!  This means baby is coming… right?!?!  This is what happened with Lilly…so….it’s got to be time!
But I didn’t know what to do.
I know, I KNOW… this is my second baby, and I had no idea what to do.
With Lilly, my water broke right away, so I knew I had to go to the hospital.
This time, it was just contractions, that weren’t even regular yet, and a little blood.
So, I called the hospital.  Asked when they thought I should come in.
The nurse said typically they want us there when I can no longer breathe or walk comfortably through the contractions.
Well…. then I guess I was fine, because the contractions weren’t too bad.
So, I sent Chris to work and told him to keep his phone on him at all times.

Instead of going back to bed, I sat on the couch and started timing my contractions.
They were coming every 7 minutes or so – but still didn’t seem regular to me.
My cousin came over at 11am, we were suppose to take Lilly to go see Santa at a local historical park… but that didn’t look like it was going to happen.
When she got there, she asked how I was doing… and I’m like, “Well, good… but I’m in labor.”  Her eyes got big and she goes, “Really?!  Why didn’t you tell me?”   It was funny.
We decided to head to a kitchen store a few miles away – and see how I was feeling, if we wanted to go to the park to see Santa.
Well, once we started walking around, the contractions started coming faster.  Like, every 1-2 minutes… lasting 30 seconds each.  And it was getting a lot harder to walk through them.  I would start stopping every time they came, and just lean against a shelf.
I’m sure the other customers loved me, what with me being in the way… and it being 2 weeks before Christmas.

Once we got back in the car, I decided we should probably go home, since I wasn’t going to make it walking through the park.
On the ride home, the contractions started getting more intense.
They went back to being 7 minutes apart… but holy heck… they were STRONG!
They were to the point that I had to stop talking to my cousin in the car when they came and just focus on getting through the contraction.
I didn’t want to call Chris and tell him to come home, because I didn’t know if it was just a few contractions that were feeling super strong or what.  I wanted to wait it out a little longer, and if the next few contractions I had were strong, I’d call him.

So, I laid down on one couch, my cousin on the other… and we just talked.
Me pausing every time a contraction came.
She told me I should probably call Chris and tell him what’s up.
I was being stubborn and said if he wanted to know how I was doing, he could call me!
No sooner had I said that, and he called.  He asked how I was doing and I told him they were getting a lot stronger.
He asked if he should come home (it was almost 2pm).  I wasn’t sure… and told him I would call him when I really thought he needed come come.  But since he only had an hour and a half left to work, I thought maybe we could make it so he didn’t have to leave work early.
Well, the next 1/2 hour was l.o.n.g.
At every contraction, my cousin told me that I should probably call Chris back and tell him to come home.  I was just being stubborn and wanted to hold out as long as possible.
2:30 came around and I couldn’t do it anymore.
I didn’t know how fast I was progressing, and they all say second labor is faster than the first.. and I really didn’t want to have my baby a) in my living room or b) on the highway to the hospital.
So, I called Chris.  I told him it was probably in his best interest to come home now.  He replied, “Okay, I’m packing up things now and will be out the door in 5 minutes or less.”  Mind you – he still have 15 minutes to drive to get home.
I also called Chris’ mom, who was in town doing some Christmas shopping.  She was the one who was going to watch Lilly while we were in the hospital – so it was nice that she was already in town and we didn’t have to bring Lilly with us to the hospital while we waited for her to drive the hour and a half down.
Chris’ mom showed up about 2 minutes before Chris got here.
Chris comes running into the house and goes, “Can I take a quick shower?  I’m all dirty…”  Uh… sure, I’m just in labor…no hurry.
Well, he really did take a quick shower and I was able to throw the last few things in my hospital bag.  And cuddle with Lilly for a bit.
During which time, the contractions got even stronger – and I knew we were doing the right thing by heading to the hospital.

We gave kisses and hugs to Lilly (it was the first time I was ever leaving her for the night… and I wasn’t too happy about that).
Then headed out to the car.
We were about a mile down on the highway, when I realized that I forgot my purse at home.  So, we had to turn around to get that.
Finally we were back on the road, with hopefully everything we needed, and drove the 25 minutes to the hospital..

….to be continued.

Exhausted, Frustrated & Overwhelmed

I am beyond done.
I’m exhausted…I’m frustrated… and quite frankly, I’m just overwhelmed.
My house is a disaster area.
Dishes are everywhere.
Laundry is piled up.
There is so much junk shove in corners and on counters, that’s all you see.

Every time I tried to clean, I get stopped by one of the kids.
I can get the bottles/sippy cups washed, and then one of them needs my attention.
So the rest of the dishes just sit there until I can get back to it… which is usually never.
If I ever do finish the dishes, there is still the counter to clear off, the laundry to do, the living room to straighten up, totes to organize and move to the garage…  The list is literally never-ending.
It is exhausting.
And I hate a dirty house.
I absolutely hate it.
But I just don’t have the effing time to clean it.
So annoying.

On top of that, I’m frustrated with my kids.
Lilly does.not listen.
I realize she is only 22 months, and has a short attention span… but she does know when she is doing something she isn’t suppose to do.  But even if I yell at her, tell her not to touch/do/scream etc, she will just look at me, smirk, and go right back to doing it.
That, on top of Josh screaming/crying because he just wants to be held… then Lilly screaming because I’m giving Josh attention…. And my freaking house is dirty……


I just don’t know what to do anymore.
I know part of Lilly’s issue is that she is bored.  She needs something to do, aside from watch tv or play with her toys.  I know we should color or do other activities like that… but it is SO hard when Josh just wants to be held.  And he hates the moby wrap, he hates any other carrier.  He just wants to be held in your arms, or against your shoulder.
And you have to keep a close eye on Lilly when she colors, because she will eat the crayons, markers, paint… She will put everything in her mouth.  Or… all over the rest of her body.

I wish I could enjoy a shower that is longer than 5 minutes.
I wish I could enjoy coffee that was still warm in the morning.
I wish I could get my daughter to listen to me, so I’m not screaming at her all day long.
I wish I could figure out why my son keeps getting constipated, and fix it (he is extra crabby because of this).
I wish I could afford a house… we could have more room to play and when it warms up, Lilly could take her energy outside.

I just needed to vent today.
Because I am so exhausted…

Please tell me I am not the only mom that feels this way?  Please tell me that you have dishes covering your counter and a child who doesn’t listen.
It would probably make me feel a little better.

And with that… Josh is starting to fuss.
It’s been a nice 10 minutes to myself….sigh.


Don’t Climb on That!

A while ago, a friend posted a blog link on Facebook.
I clicked on it and it brought me to a post that I read, and will never forget. (Go here to see post).  The post brought me to tears.
Why have I never thought I needed to secure heavy furniture to the wall?
Why did I think that Lilly would never attempt to climb or pull on her dresser or the bookcase?
I mean, the girl gets into everything.
And when she has free range of her room (when she gets into her big girl bed), I’ll have no control over what she does in there, when she is suppose to be sleeping.

I read that blog post and thought, “Why would anyone ever not secure their furniture after reading this?!”
It was definitely an eye-opening post.
I mean, a few dollars and maybe 30 minutes, and you can rest easy at night.

We’ve been talking about putting Lilly into a big girl bed, so her brother can use the crib.  Now, I wanted to put her in the twin bed a long time ago – before Josh was born… but for some reason, it just never happened.
But the other day during nap time, I went into her room because she was crying/screaming (she had thrown her beloved blanket on the floor), and caught her with one leg over the crib rail.
Uh… yeah, time to get her into her big girl bed.

But first – to make her room safe.So, this is her side of the room.
DSCN6072 And her brother’s side… once he moves into the room.
DSCN6079Really the two things that needed to be secured were the dresser and the cube dresser.
I went to BabysRUs to check out their safety section.
They had these furniture wall straps, so I picked up the last one on the shelf.
DSCN6078Chris attached them to the studs in the wall and the top of the dresser (since the back of the dresser is particle board).
The dresser sits pretty flush to the wall with these attached.
And if Lilly tries to climb on the dresser and it falls forward, these straps will stop it from falling on her and will slam the dresser back against the wall.
DSCN6084I also picked up some corner braces at Walmart, since no other store seemed to sell anymore furniture straps.
So Chris screwed those into the studs in the wall and the top of the cube dresser.
DSCN6074This one does not move at all.  It is completely secure against the wall.
If she were to climb it… well, she could – but it wouldn’t tip over on her.
It does not budge from its spot.  And it was super cheap to do.
Chris even said that we should have used these brackets on the dresser so she can’t even tip it.  We’ll see how the furniture straps hold up… if they are great, we’ll leave it as is, otherwise we’ll pop these brackets on.

I also picked up these Finger Guards for her door.
DSCN6090Mostly, I just wanted her to not to be able to shut her door in the middle of the night. (Although, she is napping now, and her door is shut… so I don’t know what we’ll be doing).
But it is nice, so she can’t slam doors – and pinch her fingers.
Yesterday she was getting frustrated, because she is usually able to shut the doors all the way, and this time it just kept swinging back at her.

I also picked up a much-needed baby gate.
DSCN6095I wanted it for when we kept her door open at night, she couldn’t wander around the rest of the apartment.  Now, she only has access to her room and our bedroom.
Also, it keeps her in the living room, when her brother is still sleeping in our room in the mornings.
I got one that swings – because I’m lazy and really didn’t want to have to a) step over the gate all the time, or b) remove/replace the gate every time.
DSCN6093So far it is doing the job I want it to.  She was unable to get to her brother this morning – and he was able to sleep without interruption.

So here she is, in her big girl bed, in a safe room.
DSCN6096And her friends.
DSCN6081So go, spend a few dollars and make sure your babies are safe!

Do you watermark your photos?
A blog that I read had her photos stolen and some creepy person tried to pass them of as theirs.  Ugh… creepy!!  So, I know not many people read my blog right now… but I’d rather just not have to deal with creepers.

Diapers? Who Needs Them?!

My days are consumed with taking care of a toddler and a baby.
Since this is all new to my toddler, her having to share momma, she has been acting out.
Acting out in… some fun ways.
She typically screams when I pick Josh up to feed him or burp him.
She listens even worse than she did before.
And the best one….
Ugh… I’ll just have to show you.
poopYeah… That is poop. ON MY WINDOW!!
I was feeding Josh and Lilly was ‘playing’ over by the blinds.
She was hiding behind a chair so I couldn’t see her, but I saw the blinds move.
I kept telling her to stop playing with the blinds, but of course, her lack of listening was in full swing.
So, when I was finally done with Josh, I called her over to me.
She comes over… and I see poop, all over her hands.
Double Ugh!
I pick her up, take her to the bathroom to start a bath.
When I walk back out into the living room, I notice the window.
Seriously?!  Why does my kid like to play with her poop?!

Please tell me this has happened to other people…


~Toddle Along Tuesday~ How I Met Hubby

It all started on a Monday morning at work.
My co-worker, Kate, came in and immediately told me she had a question for me.
“Okay… what is it?”  I ask.
“Do you want to go on a date?”  She asked me…
Uh…. wait… what?!
“Luke has a friend who just became single…and I think you two would like each other.”  She tells me.
Warning!! Just became single? Yeah.. that’s what I want to get into.
But I thought to myself, what do I have to lose?  And plus, it’s not exactly like I had been having any luck finding guys on my own.
I tell her sure… but I want to see a picture first (he had already seen a picture of me, before agreeing to go on a date).
So, Kate e-mails her husband (Luke) and he calls Chris to have him send an e-mail with pictures.
Oh my… talk about everyone getting into everyone else’s business.
Anywho, I finally got the forwarded e-mail….

emailBahahahahah!!  I laughed so hard when I saw the subject!

So…. we started e-mailing.
Getting to know one another… before we actually met.
Then he asked me (in a very roundabout way) on a date on New Years Eve.
192_515128129138_5946_nWe hung out at Kate and Luke’s place.
Played games, watched movies… cuddled??
We hung out the next day too.
Then he didn’t talk to me for a few days.
My mind went crazy!  No e-mails, no phone calls… seriously?!
Turns out… the man was busy!  When he finally did get a chance to call me, we talked for 4 hours straight on the phone.

260_523084479548_7894_nWe did have an ‘awkward’ moment shortly after we started dating.
It was namely, me…. freaking out because he was calling me his girlfriend and we had never discussed our status.
I got over it quickly though… and after one semi-awkward beginning of a date, we have been going strong ever since.
248_522131219888_9832_nI thank Kate every year for hooking us up.
So glad she thought we would be perfect for each other… based on our music tastes!