Diapers? Who Needs Them?!

My days are consumed with taking care of a toddler and a baby.
Since this is all new to my toddler, her having to share momma, she has been acting out.
Acting out in… some fun ways.
She typically screams when I pick Josh up to feed him or burp him.
She listens even worse than she did before.
And the best one….
Ugh… I’ll just have to show you.
poopYeah… That is poop. ON MY WINDOW!!
I was feeding Josh and Lilly was ‘playing’ over by the blinds.
She was hiding behind a chair so I couldn’t see her, but I saw the blinds move.
I kept telling her to stop playing with the blinds, but of course, her lack of listening was in full swing.
So, when I was finally done with Josh, I called her over to me.
She comes over… and I see poop, all over her hands.
Double Ugh!
I pick her up, take her to the bathroom to start a bath.
When I walk back out into the living room, I notice the window.
Seriously?!  Why does my kid like to play with her poop?!

Please tell me this has happened to other people…



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