Don’t Climb on That!

A while ago, a friend posted a blog link on Facebook.
I clicked on it and it brought me to a post that I read, and will never forget. (Go here to see post).  The post brought me to tears.
Why have I never thought I needed to secure heavy furniture to the wall?
Why did I think that Lilly would never attempt to climb or pull on her dresser or the bookcase?
I mean, the girl gets into everything.
And when she has free range of her room (when she gets into her big girl bed), I’ll have no control over what she does in there, when she is suppose to be sleeping.

I read that blog post and thought, “Why would anyone ever not secure their furniture after reading this?!”
It was definitely an eye-opening post.
I mean, a few dollars and maybe 30 minutes, and you can rest easy at night.

We’ve been talking about putting Lilly into a big girl bed, so her brother can use the crib.  Now, I wanted to put her in the twin bed a long time ago – before Josh was born… but for some reason, it just never happened.
But the other day during nap time, I went into her room because she was crying/screaming (she had thrown her beloved blanket on the floor), and caught her with one leg over the crib rail.
Uh… yeah, time to get her into her big girl bed.

But first – to make her room safe.So, this is her side of the room.
DSCN6072 And her brother’s side… once he moves into the room.
DSCN6079Really the two things that needed to be secured were the dresser and the cube dresser.
I went to BabysRUs to check out their safety section.
They had these furniture wall straps, so I picked up the last one on the shelf.
DSCN6078Chris attached them to the studs in the wall and the top of the dresser (since the back of the dresser is particle board).
The dresser sits pretty flush to the wall with these attached.
And if Lilly tries to climb on the dresser and it falls forward, these straps will stop it from falling on her and will slam the dresser back against the wall.
DSCN6084I also picked up some corner braces at Walmart, since no other store seemed to sell anymore furniture straps.
So Chris screwed those into the studs in the wall and the top of the cube dresser.
DSCN6074This one does not move at all.  It is completely secure against the wall.
If she were to climb it… well, she could – but it wouldn’t tip over on her.
It does not budge from its spot.  And it was super cheap to do.
Chris even said that we should have used these brackets on the dresser so she can’t even tip it.  We’ll see how the furniture straps hold up… if they are great, we’ll leave it as is, otherwise we’ll pop these brackets on.

I also picked up these Finger Guards for her door.
DSCN6090Mostly, I just wanted her to not to be able to shut her door in the middle of the night. (Although, she is napping now, and her door is shut… so I don’t know what we’ll be doing).
But it is nice, so she can’t slam doors – and pinch her fingers.
Yesterday she was getting frustrated, because she is usually able to shut the doors all the way, and this time it just kept swinging back at her.

I also picked up a much-needed baby gate.
DSCN6095I wanted it for when we kept her door open at night, she couldn’t wander around the rest of the apartment.  Now, she only has access to her room and our bedroom.
Also, it keeps her in the living room, when her brother is still sleeping in our room in the mornings.
I got one that swings – because I’m lazy and really didn’t want to have to a) step over the gate all the time, or b) remove/replace the gate every time.
DSCN6093So far it is doing the job I want it to.  She was unable to get to her brother this morning – and he was able to sleep without interruption.

So here she is, in her big girl bed, in a safe room.
DSCN6096And her friends.
DSCN6081So go, spend a few dollars and make sure your babies are safe!

Do you watermark your photos?
A blog that I read had her photos stolen and some creepy person tried to pass them of as theirs.  Ugh… creepy!!  So, I know not many people read my blog right now… but I’d rather just not have to deal with creepers.


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