Exhausted, Frustrated & Overwhelmed

I am beyond done.
I’m exhausted…I’m frustrated… and quite frankly, I’m just overwhelmed.
My house is a disaster area.
Dishes are everywhere.
Laundry is piled up.
There is so much junk shove in corners and on counters, that’s all you see.

Every time I tried to clean, I get stopped by one of the kids.
I can get the bottles/sippy cups washed, and then one of them needs my attention.
So the rest of the dishes just sit there until I can get back to it… which is usually never.
If I ever do finish the dishes, there is still the counter to clear off, the laundry to do, the living room to straighten up, totes to organize and move to the garage…  The list is literally never-ending.
It is exhausting.
And I hate a dirty house.
I absolutely hate it.
But I just don’t have the effing time to clean it.
So annoying.

On top of that, I’m frustrated with my kids.
Lilly does.not listen.
I realize she is only 22 months, and has a short attention span… but she does know when she is doing something she isn’t suppose to do.  But even if I yell at her, tell her not to touch/do/scream etc, she will just look at me, smirk, and go right back to doing it.
That, on top of Josh screaming/crying because he just wants to be held… then Lilly screaming because I’m giving Josh attention…. And my freaking house is dirty……


I just don’t know what to do anymore.
I know part of Lilly’s issue is that she is bored.  She needs something to do, aside from watch tv or play with her toys.  I know we should color or do other activities like that… but it is SO hard when Josh just wants to be held.  And he hates the moby wrap, he hates any other carrier.  He just wants to be held in your arms, or against your shoulder.
And you have to keep a close eye on Lilly when she colors, because she will eat the crayons, markers, paint… She will put everything in her mouth.  Or… all over the rest of her body.

I wish I could enjoy a shower that is longer than 5 minutes.
I wish I could enjoy coffee that was still warm in the morning.
I wish I could get my daughter to listen to me, so I’m not screaming at her all day long.
I wish I could figure out why my son keeps getting constipated, and fix it (he is extra crabby because of this).
I wish I could afford a house… we could have more room to play and when it warms up, Lilly could take her energy outside.

I just needed to vent today.
Because I am so exhausted…

Please tell me I am not the only mom that feels this way?  Please tell me that you have dishes covering your counter and a child who doesn’t listen.
It would probably make me feel a little better.

And with that… Josh is starting to fuss.
It’s been a nice 10 minutes to myself….sigh.



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