Three Became Four Part 1

On a Wednesday morning, I woke up with cramping.
You know, the menstrual type cramping that completely sucks.
Yeah, I had that going on – plus some back pain… it was so much fun.
I made it through the day and hoped maybe something more would happen the next day.
No such luck – still more cramping on Thursday, but no actual contractions.
I was hopeful when I went to my doctor appointment on Friday afternoon… After all, with Lilly, I had the cramping for a day and a half before my water broke.  Everyone says the second one happens faster…
My doctor checked me, said I was at 3 cm, but I wasn’t effaced at all… UGH!  What the heck has all this cramping been about?!
My doctor did say that I could have this baby any day now… and she even said that she would induce me, if I wanted, after 39 weeks.  But I still had a week to go for that… and I really didn’t want to be induced if I didn’t have to be.
Yes, being pregnant was getting old…. but there was nothing medically wrong with me and I could carry this baby to term, if that’s what needed to be.

So, I spent the rest of Friday night enjoying the lovely cramping, hoping it would turn to more.

Well…. the more came on Saturday morning.
I woke up at 4am to a contraction.
It lasted maybe 30 seconds… and didn’t come again for 15-20 minutes.  I can’t say for sure, since I fell asleep between them, with it being 4AM and all…
Chris had to work that Saturday, and he was leaving at 6:30am.  When he got up to shower, I got up to use the bathroom and noticed some slight blood when I wiped.
OH BOY!!!  This means baby is coming… right?!?!  This is what happened with Lilly…so….it’s got to be time!
But I didn’t know what to do.
I know, I KNOW… this is my second baby, and I had no idea what to do.
With Lilly, my water broke right away, so I knew I had to go to the hospital.
This time, it was just contractions, that weren’t even regular yet, and a little blood.
So, I called the hospital.  Asked when they thought I should come in.
The nurse said typically they want us there when I can no longer breathe or walk comfortably through the contractions.
Well…. then I guess I was fine, because the contractions weren’t too bad.
So, I sent Chris to work and told him to keep his phone on him at all times.

Instead of going back to bed, I sat on the couch and started timing my contractions.
They were coming every 7 minutes or so – but still didn’t seem regular to me.
My cousin came over at 11am, we were suppose to take Lilly to go see Santa at a local historical park… but that didn’t look like it was going to happen.
When she got there, she asked how I was doing… and I’m like, “Well, good… but I’m in labor.”  Her eyes got big and she goes, “Really?!  Why didn’t you tell me?”   It was funny.
We decided to head to a kitchen store a few miles away – and see how I was feeling, if we wanted to go to the park to see Santa.
Well, once we started walking around, the contractions started coming faster.  Like, every 1-2 minutes… lasting 30 seconds each.  And it was getting a lot harder to walk through them.  I would start stopping every time they came, and just lean against a shelf.
I’m sure the other customers loved me, what with me being in the way… and it being 2 weeks before Christmas.

Once we got back in the car, I decided we should probably go home, since I wasn’t going to make it walking through the park.
On the ride home, the contractions started getting more intense.
They went back to being 7 minutes apart… but holy heck… they were STRONG!
They were to the point that I had to stop talking to my cousin in the car when they came and just focus on getting through the contraction.
I didn’t want to call Chris and tell him to come home, because I didn’t know if it was just a few contractions that were feeling super strong or what.  I wanted to wait it out a little longer, and if the next few contractions I had were strong, I’d call him.

So, I laid down on one couch, my cousin on the other… and we just talked.
Me pausing every time a contraction came.
She told me I should probably call Chris and tell him what’s up.
I was being stubborn and said if he wanted to know how I was doing, he could call me!
No sooner had I said that, and he called.  He asked how I was doing and I told him they were getting a lot stronger.
He asked if he should come home (it was almost 2pm).  I wasn’t sure… and told him I would call him when I really thought he needed come come.  But since he only had an hour and a half left to work, I thought maybe we could make it so he didn’t have to leave work early.
Well, the next 1/2 hour was l.o.n.g.
At every contraction, my cousin told me that I should probably call Chris back and tell him to come home.  I was just being stubborn and wanted to hold out as long as possible.
2:30 came around and I couldn’t do it anymore.
I didn’t know how fast I was progressing, and they all say second labor is faster than the first.. and I really didn’t want to have my baby a) in my living room or b) on the highway to the hospital.
So, I called Chris.  I told him it was probably in his best interest to come home now.  He replied, “Okay, I’m packing up things now and will be out the door in 5 minutes or less.”  Mind you – he still have 15 minutes to drive to get home.
I also called Chris’ mom, who was in town doing some Christmas shopping.  She was the one who was going to watch Lilly while we were in the hospital – so it was nice that she was already in town and we didn’t have to bring Lilly with us to the hospital while we waited for her to drive the hour and a half down.
Chris’ mom showed up about 2 minutes before Chris got here.
Chris comes running into the house and goes, “Can I take a quick shower?  I’m all dirty…”  Uh… sure, I’m just in labor…no hurry.
Well, he really did take a quick shower and I was able to throw the last few things in my hospital bag.  And cuddle with Lilly for a bit.
During which time, the contractions got even stronger – and I knew we were doing the right thing by heading to the hospital.

We gave kisses and hugs to Lilly (it was the first time I was ever leaving her for the night… and I wasn’t too happy about that).
Then headed out to the car.
We were about a mile down on the highway, when I realized that I forgot my purse at home.  So, we had to turn around to get that.
Finally we were back on the road, with hopefully everything we needed, and drove the 25 minutes to the hospital..

….to be continued.


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