A-Z About Me

I saw this on one of the blogs that I read, and thought I’d give it a go.
So, here you go…you’ll now know more about me that you probably care to!

Age: 27 – though I thought I was 27 when I was 26, so I’m quite confused.  I’ll be 28 in April.

Bed Size:  Queen, it’s great when it’s just Chris and I.  But when you pile two kids in…

Chore you hate:  Dishes – our dishwasher leaves a gross white residue, that nothing we do makes go away, so I wash them all by hand.  And I get lazy, so the dishes pile up – then I have a TON to do.  If I would only wash them after dinner every night.
Oh, and laundry – I seriously HATE folding clothes.  I don’t want to say it, but typically mine and Chris’ clothes stay (unfolded) in the basket.

Dogs: I had a dog when I was a kid.  Scruffy.  He was an awesome guard dog.  He bit an uncle when he tried to come into our house, after knocking and no one answering (awesome guard dog!!), and my dad had enough of the dog, so the uncle took him to “a farm in the country”.  Jerk.  There is a reason why I never talk to or want to talk to that uncle.
Chris and I would like to get a dog… someday.  First we need a house.

Essential Start to you day:  A shower, which don’t typically happen in the mornings anymore, unless I want to get up crazy early!  Therefore, I am usually tired and dragging all day long.  Oh, an a cup of coffee can do wonders.
Give me a shower and a cup of coffee and I’ll be unstoppable!

Favorite Color: Green. In most shades.  But really love olive and lime green.

Gold or Silver: Silver.  Or white gold.  I can’t stand the gold color though.  My wedding ring is white gold – but it’s wearing off, so in some light you catch gold.  I should really go get it re-plated.

Height: 5’5″

Instruments you play:  Nothing right now.  I played the flute from 5th grade until I graduated high school.  I got my mom’s guitar when I was 16, but have yet to learn to play it.

Job Title: Mom.

Kids: Two… and that is all!

Live: Northeastern Wisconsin.  Very close to the amazing Packers!

Married: Yep.  For 3 (going on 4) years.

Nicknames: Cales, Cy, Caylie-Bird (though, I haven’t been called that in years).

Overnight Hospital Stays: The only time I ever stayed overnight in the hospital… heck the only time I’ve ever been in the hospital for myself, was when I gave birth to the kids.

Pet Peeve: Horrible drivers, chewing with your mouth open (or just eating freaking loud), people who create their own drama – yet blame others for it, seeing people get things handed to them (while my hubby has to work his ass off and we just barely get by)…. I could go on and on.. but this is starting to piss me off….

Quote: “Embrace those who love you and whom you love, and rid yourself of those who will only bring you down.”

Righty or Lefty: Righty… though I use my left hand to take lids off bottles.

Siblings: 2 older brother, 2 older step-brothers and a younger sister.

Time you wake up: Bahahaha!  Today was amazing and I got up when Chris got up (6:45am).  After I finished feeding Josh, I jumped in the shower to start my day ridiculously early.  But I have been able to get SO much done already today!  I’d like to start getting up around this time every morning… typically before I would get up between 8-8:30, whenever Lilly decided to get up… and would usually fall asleep on the couch while she watched Sesame Street.

University Attended: Northcentral Tech… I would like to go back to school… but haven’t decided where yet (or how I’ll afford it).

Veggies you dislike: Peas… they are gross.  I hated feeding them to Lilly when she was a baby… finally I gave up (she loved them, but I couldn’t stand the smell of them)… I mean, after all, I hate them and Chris hates them… so we will never make/eat them… So why should Lilly eat them?

What makes you run late: The kids.  I was never a late person in my life, until I had kids.  Now, no matter how early I start getting them ready, I am always running late.

X-rays you’ve had: The only one I had was when I was in 6th grade… it was on my knee.  Crazy messed up knee.

Yum Food: Pizza…. Ice cream… Indian food… Cupcakes… gah… I could go on and on.

Zoo favorite Animal:  I love the giraffe at the local zoo.  And the penguins.


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