Football Is Over

Well, that’s all folks.
Football season is over.
Now I have to wait seven long months for it to start.
Well… I guess five, until training camp starts.
And the draft is in April…
But still…. it will seem like forever until the season is here.

I have to say, I like how the game went.
I cannot stand the 49ers, since they put Kaepernick in as QB.
CANNOT stand him.
So, I was very glad the Ravens won.
Would have been better if the Packers were playing… but I’ll take what I can get.

Anyway, to celebrate the game…
Okay… not really, Chris and I just wanted to hang out with some friends, without the kids, so we met up with Kate and Luke (the ones who set us up)… and had lunch, went bowling and bummed around Walmart and Shopko on Saturday afternoon.

Bowling went as expected… I actually broke 100, twice… which is an amazing feat for me!
And Chris almost broke 200.. which would have been the first for him… his 199 was pretty amazing though.
DSCN6144After bowling we decided we didn’t want to part ways yet… and the boys were talking football cards.  So they wanted to go to Walmart to get some cards.
We went, we bought stuff… and ended up in Kate and Luke’s vehicle, with the boys opening the cards in the backseat.
DSCN6146Yes… it was exactly like having two children back there…
“Look Mom!  A Russell Wilson patch card!!”
DSCN6145“Ah man… you always get the good box.”

Hahahah… Sorry, it was just so entertaining watching those two.

We went to Shopko afterwards, and they had an amazing sale going on.
I got a new saute pan, two trash bins, a new hat for Lilly and some gloves for me.  All of which were either on sale or on clearance.

It was a very fun Saturday afternoon… and a much-needed break from the kids.
Love them to pieces, but it was so nice to have an afternoon with adults… and have some fun.
We will definitely have to do this again sometime.. and sometime soon.  We can’t go as long as we did without adult time.



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