What’s In Your… Bag?

Typically, I keep a crap-ton of stuff in my purse.
Diapers, extra kids clothes, wipes, food…
But this weekend, we were away from hope, and I brought the diaper bag along… so, what is typically in my purse, was in the diaper bag.
For once, since I’ve had kids… my purse, was just MY purse!DSCN614910 THINGS IN MY PURSE

1. Wallet – obviously.. though in my case, my wallet typically ends up in the diaper bag… So I guess this is a win for me!
2. Pens – I use to hoard pens in my purse, so only having two is a big accomplishment for me.
3. Kleenex – This pack has been in my purse for years (well, it traveled from purse to purse).  I never used it because whenever I would have a cold, I would shove the nice tissues from my house, into a ziplock bag, so I would have softness touching my nose.  But, this weekend Chris needed a Kleenex.. and boom, I had one!
4. Tylenol – I like to carry Advil, but when I was pregnant, I could only use Tylenol… so that is what I have in my purse.  Though, when this bottle is empty, it’ll be refilled with Advil.  Yeah, a Tylenol bottle carrying Advil… I’m cool like that.
5. Altoids & Gum – I like fresh smelling breath, what can I say?
6. Hat & Gloves – It’s winter… In Wisconsin.  Having them in my purse means I won’t be digging through the pile of crap on my counter to try to find them when I should be heading out the door.
7. Airborne – I just bought these for Chris this weekend, because he thinks he’s getting sick.  I’m determined to kick it in the butt before it becomes a full blown cold… I’ve already had my fill of sickness this winter, thank you very much.
8. Chapstick – Like pens, I hoard chapstick…  I like my lips soft… and again, it’s winter, in Wisconsin… my lips are hurting right now… I think I need to apply some lip balm, excuse me….
9. Hand Sanitizer – Winter-Wisconsin-Flu Season… seriously, I DO NOT WANT TO GET SICK AGAIN!!!  And every time I leave the store, my hands feel so grimy and gross, I need the hand sanitizer just to make me feel sane again.
10. Redbox Movies – I’ve had these for a week now… We haven’t watched them… And now the fees are stacking up.  It’s just easier not renting movies when you have two kids… you never get to watch them.  Now, when I return the movies, it’ll cost almost as much as it would if I just bought the damn things!

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5 thoughts on “What’s In Your… Bag?

  1. Ewwwww sick. Just typing it makes me wanna cough. We use EmergenC here. Well, Irishman does. With his job he is very limited as to what he can taken even over the counter. EmergenC seems to help him fight the germs off. I’m pretty impressed!

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