Week in Photos – 7/52

Oh wow… major slacker over here.
Daily I remind myself that I need to get on here…
And then, life takes over.
Speaking of life… I have to go put Lilly down for a nap…………………………….
Why does it get harder and harder to get her to nap?
She is SO tired, yet she screams and throws a tantrum every.day.
I really don’t know how much more of the screaming I can take…
It is seriously an everyday thing.
Screaming, tantrums, more screaming, kicking….
I don’t know where she picked it up – but I’m beyond tired of it.
And she isn’t even two yet – so I know I have many more days (months) ahead.

Okay – so before Josh wakes and needs all the attention, I need to get this post up.
I cannot tell you how many drafts I have that need completing.
Seriously, life… can we slow down a bit??  Hmmm.Thanks.

Week7.3I started the weekend off by getting a much-needed haircut.  Seriously, I have been hating the style and blahness of my hair for some time now. ::  I love the new cut and it is so much more easier to take care of! :: Such a happy little valentine. ::  My little girl is getting so big, she’s turning into a big girl.

Week7.2Josh and his girlfriend.  ::  The makings of a delicious grapefruit smoothie.  ::  Lilly being a little artist in the bathtub.  ::  It’s about that time… my baby girl isn’t going to be a baby much longer.

Week7.4Momma and Josh just playing around.  ::  I needed a new dresser (if you couldn’t tell), finally my clothes are not a) left in a basket or b) thrown all over the room… they have a place again!  ::  The complete grapefruit sunrise smoothie.  So good!  ::  Little girl takes up the whole bed!

Week7.1Good thing we are done having kids… we’d have no room for all of them in our bed.  ::  Joshua was not impressed with bath time.  ::  I finally cleared off the treadmill and hung some motivation and workout ideas on the wall… now, to find the time to use it.  ::  The best way to start a morning – a good book and a green smoothie.

How was your week, last week?

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