Three Became Four Part 2

{read Part 1 here}

I don’t even know when we got to the hospital.  4:30pm?  5:00pm?
All I know is we had to check in at the ER.  And the contractions were coming faster and harder.
We walked up to the counter and the lady asks why we were there.
“I’m in labor.”  I tell her.
“Oh… yes, yes you are.”  She looks me up and down.  She gets me signed in, (I had registered early, but it took forever to find that paperwork… psht.. yay for pre-registering!)
Finally she called up to the birth wing – and tells them they have another one (she had just checking in another lady prior to us coming in.)
A nice volunteer brought us up to the birth wing – and too our room.  As we were passing the front desk, I hear a nurse go, “Is that another one?!”
I get to my room – the nurse shows up, looks at me and goes, “Yeah, you don’t look very comfortable.”
Oh really, could it be because I am leaning over this chair right now, trying to breathe through the contractions?!  I just want a flipping epidural, please!!
I get in the gown, get in bed and the nurse starts doing her thing (you know, poking and prodding).
I swear, they were taking their ever-loving time… Why do they make you wait for the epidural?!  Clearly I wanted it…. clearly the contractions were sucking… clearly I was dilated enough..  UGH!!  I just wanted my epidural!!!

But I waited.  I ‘breathed’ through the contractions, I yelled at my hubby to shut up when he was telling me I was doing a good job.  It was not the thing I wanted to hear at that moment.
Finally, the nurse goes, “Are you ready for your epidural.”  Yes, please God, yes please, NOW!!  “Okay, we’ll I’ll call the anesthesiologist, so he can start heading in.”   Wait… WHAT?!?!   You have to call him in?!  Shouldn’t he be waiting right outside the room?!  I have to wait for him to drive to the hospital, from who knows where?!?!  Are you kidding me?! 
She started prepping me.  Gave me an IV – rolled in carts… I seriously thought I would get the epi right away, but no…. I had to wait another 1/2 hour!
Finally around 6:30pm the anesthesiologist shows up. Starts asking questions.  Tells me how he’s going to do everything.  Yeah, yeah yeah… blah blah blah.. I’ve had a baby already, I know what’s going on!!  Just get it done!
So, he starts… in the middle of a contraction.  Um…. yeah.
He wants me to curve my back, so he can get the needle between the vertebra.
Easy said than done, especially in the middle of a contraction!
The nurse was holding me by the arms, trying to get me to curve my back, but I just couldn’t do it… not during the contraction.  But the stupid man did not understand that, and kept telling me what I needed to do.  Finally I just yelled at him, “I can’t do it during the contraction, you’ll just have to wait!”
So he waited, finally the contraction stopped and I curved my back as he wanted.  He got the needle it, then the catheter, and… another contraction.
I rested my head on the nurse’s shoulder, because I couldn’t do anything else.  The anesthesiologist is asking if it’s in the right place, and all I can focus on is the contraction.  I can’t feel the anything else.
Another nurse had come in and asked if I wanted some pain medicine just to help until the epidural started to work.  I agreed and she shot something into the iv.
I didn’t feel relief, I didn’t feel anything… just the stupid contraction.
Finally the anesthesiologist was done and the nurse let go of me… the other nurse who gave me the pain medicine stepped in and started playing with my hair.  WTH?!  I didn’t think anything too much about it, since another contraction started, and she was so nice, rubbed my arms and told me to breathe through it.
Contraction ended – and she asked if the other pain medicine had kicked it.  I said I didn’t know, and she asks if I feel like I’m a little drunk.  I tell her no as she helps me back into bed.
Then.. the room starts moving.  And my head starts feeling light.  Like it would if I had a few drinks and was pleasantly buzzed.
“It’s working!”  I yell.  It felt amazing.  I still had crazy painful contractions, but my mind was just floating on a cloud.  Wonderful.
Around 7:30 the epidural started working… or… well… it started working on the right side.  I felt no pain on my right side, but continued to feel every contraction on the left side.
So the nurse had me lay more on my left side to get gravity to do some work.
Nope… didn’t work.
I was able to relax a little though, because of the first drug they gave me and not feeling pain on my right side… and okay, the left side was slightly less painful.
I was able to call my parents around 8:00 to let them know I was in labor (yeah, I waited all day.. but in my defense, they said they didn’t want to know as soon as I went into labor (like last time) so I just waited until I felt I should call).

Then it happened…
My left side started getting worse.
It got so bad that the nurse started pushing the epidural button to try and get more medicine in me.
Didn’t work.
Around 8:30 I slowly started feeling pain in my right side.
I mention it to my nurse and she again hits the button and goes to see if Mr. Anesthesiologist is still in the building.
They both come back and he goes, “I don’t really want to try to redo it, since it was so difficult the first time.”  And he left.
UGH!!  The pain steadily got more intense.  It finally got to the point where it was before the epidural and other drug…. then it surpassed that point.

Oh.My.Goodness…. why on Earth would anyone choose to not get drugs?!

I don’t remember when I started screaming during the contractions… but I did.
The nurse kept telling me I was doing great and to just breathe through the contractions.
Chris was off to the side, letting me do my thing because he didn’t want to get yelled at again… and he was keeping the family updated.
I swear, I was ready to punch those nice nurses because they kept telling me how good I was doing.
Seriously?!?!  I don’t want to do good… I want the freaking epidural to work!
Around 9:00, the nurse ran out to call the doctor (who of course was on-call, not in the hospital, and not my actual doctor).
And then it happened…. I had the urge to push.
I told my nurse and her response was, “I know you want too, but you can’t.  You have to wait for the doctor to get here.”
Every contraction, I keep telling her I had to push, I had to push… and she kept telling me I couldn’t.  I mean… how can I stop what my body wants needs to do?!
I begged her to just deliver my baby herself.  And she smiled and said she wished she could.

I swear, there should not be clocks in the room where laboring moms can see them.  All I did was stare at the clock from the moment she said she called to doctor to when he got there.
With every contraction she said that he was almost here… almost here.
Finally I said, “You said that like 15 minutes ago?!  He is such a slow poke!!”
All the nurses started laughing and told me I should tell him that when he got there.

Around 9:25, the doctor strolled in.
He went to the corner to s.l.o.w.l.y put his scrubs on.
I’m in the middle of a contraction and he’s just talking away to the nurse.
Oh, if I could have moved, I would have punched him.
He finally came over to me, broke my water and told me the words that I loved,
“The next time you feel the urge to push, you can do it.”
3 seconds later, a contraction came, and I pushed..
3 pushes later (at 9:33) little mister came into the world.

They laid him on me and all the hours of labor and pain just washed away.
All the anger I had for the doctor taking forever to come washed away too.
This beautiful little boy, cried for a second and then snuggled into me.

DSCN5715We didn’t have a named picked out.
Well, okay, we had names picked out… but we hadn’t decided on one.
We were going to wait to see him and hope he looked like one of the names we picked.
I wanted Andrew, Chris wanted Zachary.  DSCN5728I looked down at my quiet happy little baby and asked, “So… are you and Andrew?”  And his face scrunched up and he started to cry.  “Oh… you don’t have to be Andrew if you don’t want too!”  I said, stroking his arm.  The next name that came to me was not Zachary, but my second favorite name.
“Do you want to be a Joshua?”  I asked.  Instantly he stopped crying.
“Okay, I’ll take that as a yes.”  I look up at Chris and he goes, “Yeah, he looks like a Joshua.”  And the doctor goes, “That’s my son’s name… it’s a great one.”
DSCN5734So little man decided he wanted to name himself.
His middle name is my dad’s name, and we had kept that a secret from them… so when I called them to let them know their grandson was born, my step-mom asked for his name and I told her and she goes, “Oh… I’ll let you tell your dad that one..”  And she hands the phone to him.  He goes, “So, does he have a name?”  “Yes, yes he does.”  “Okay, don’t tell me, I’ll find out tomorrow.”  In the background I hear my step-mom say, “I know what his name is!”  And my dad says, “Okay, tell me his name.”  I smiled and told him, “His name is Joshua Neil.”  Silence…. “Oh… really?!”  My dad choked out.  He recovers and jokes, “He’s got a great first name and dumb middle name.”
Awe, it was cute.  I choked my dad up by naming my son after him.


Telling my dad what has grandsons name is.

So, after 16 hours of labor, 1 botched epidural and 3 pushes…. our family of three, became four.


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