Week in Photos – 8/52

Why does it seem like the weekend has just flown by?
Maybe it’s because hubby is working Tuesday-Saturday shifts these days… so our weekend doesn’t truly start until Sunday, and that is when most people are winding down their weekend.
Ugh… I don’t know.
All I do know, is this was a much too short weekend…

Week8.1I typically never win anything (and believe me, I have entered enough giveaways!)… but I finally did win something!!  It’s carpet cleaner, stain remover and such… which is very helpful here, since I have a little girl who likes to dump everything on our carpets!!  ::  Lilly decided she was going to wear some makeup.  ::  Josh, proving he’s the good child right now.  ::  The aftermath of a delicious mixed berry crumb bar at the coffee shop my sister-cousin and I hung out at.

Week8.2Coffee date with the sister-cousin.  ::  Sweating it up – I have no idea how I got that smile out… my body hated me.  ::  Typical nightly view…. a sink full of bottles.  ::  Mr. Smilie-Face.

Week8.3Lilly just chilling on her couch watching some morning PBS.  ::  A snack after a tough workout (grapefruit smoothie and egg, bacon and cheese biscuit).  ::  New treadmill workout I’ve started… it kicked my butt… especially since I did a leg/arm circuit the day before.  ::  I can’t help it… every time I drive past Lambeau Field, I have to take a picture… it just makes me so ridiculously happy.  My sister-cousin even laughed at me, as I drive past it at least on a weekly basis… she thinks I should be sick of it by now… silly girl.


How was your week?


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