Week in Photos – Catch Up!

Where have I been?

Well, I guess life has caught up with me.
That… and some MAJOR cleaning!
Every time I sit down and think I’m going to blog – I think “well, I need to clean this or do this..”
So, blogging gets put to the back… week after week after week.

This week, I’m playing catch up.

Week11.6I realized I dressed Lilly in the same outfit I put her in a year ago, so I wanted to do a side-by-side comparison… my little girl is getting so big!!  **  Stabbing her garlic bread with the fork, that’s how she eats.  **  My posters from my favorite musician!!  Got them framed and hung up!!  WOOT!  **  Lilly being pulled in the sled at my parent’s house.. she loved it!

Week11.5Lilly watching Downton Abbey with me… I may have gotten addicted to it.  **  My happy little man – and the shirt is so true!  **  Josh and Grandpa snuggling.  **  Lilly finally passed out after a massive temper tantrum.

Week11.4A text from my best friend – she never liked Justin when we were teenagers, (I have loved him since the MMC..), so it was very entertaining to get that text from her!  **  Lilly and Josh hanging out on their couch.  **  Chris had his birthday at the end of Feb.  I made him raspberry vanilla cupcakes.  **  Lilly didn’t want to eat dinner, so I gave her yogurt instead… and she made a massive mess.

Week11.3Lilly making a painting for Daddy’s birthday.  **  Josh turned 3 months old at the beginning of March!  **  Josh and Grandpa hanging out – they have the same smirk!  **  Lilly wearing Grandpa’s headphones for when he mows the lawn.

Week11.2Josh and Uncle Nathan hanging out.  **  Lilly eating a cupcake on Chris’ birthday.. she was very excited… and super hyper afterwards!  **  He is seriously such a happy guy!!  **  Lilly was reading to her Great-Grandma.

Week11.1Josh was trying to blend into the blanket.  **  Chris’ birthday present from me.  A ‘bro-quet’ of all his favorite things.  **  My sister-cousin and I after power yoga yesterday… I am feeling it today!  **  Lilly and Grandpa making snow angels.

Week11.7Ahhh… pretty Lambeau.  **  I needed a night of just relaxing, reading and ice cream!  **  Watching Downton Abbey on my brothers iPad while visiting the family.  **  I won some fun flavored stevia from one of the blogs I read… it was quite exciting!!

Week11.8My new reading corner!  You should have seen this corner before, it was full of totes and boxes and junk.  We finally got it cleaned out and now it is an amazing, comfy reading corner!  I love!

Hope you have all had a great couple of weeks.
I’m off to plan a little girl’s birthday party for this Saturday!
I cannot believe I am going to have a 2-year-old come Thursday!!



3 thoughts on “Week in Photos – Catch Up!

    • Yeah… I watch Tinkerbell at least 2 times each day.. Typically more since Lilly throws fits watching anything else.
      For some unknown (but very exciting) reason, Lilly is okay with Downton!

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