Week in Photos – 15/52

Guys… I have a confession.
My weeks are all messed up.
Yep.  It’s true.
Your Sunday is my Saturday.
Your Monday is my Sunday.
Guess this happens when the hubby works Tuesday-Saturday.
So, while everyone is posting their weekly recap on Monday, I post on Tuesday…
Because you know, Tuesday is my Monday.

I also took a lot of photos this week.
I guess the kids were being extra cute.
Oh, and it was my Birthday!!! on Sunday…
So more pictures that the norm were taken!!

Week15.8It’s true. I don’t know what happened, but at one point, I felt like I was 27, and that was well before I was 27.. So now I feel like I’ve been 28 for years.  Apparently I wanted to skip over 25 and 26…

Week15.1Lilly walking around with a bucket on her head, silly girl.  **  Baked ravioli for dinner, so delicious.  **  The precipitation forecast for last Thursday through this Wednesday.  How sad is that?!  **  Little man loves his carrots!

Week15.2Josh is getting revenge on his sister!  **  Lilly is a flower girl in Auntie Hales’ wedding, and she got her dress and the invite on the same day!  **  New Tinkerbell bedding for my big girl.  **  Just chilling in the bouncer.

Week15.3I tried to get a photo for thank you notes for her birthday party… she did not want to smile. This is what happened when I said, “Say Cheese!”.  **  Hey Ladies!!  **  Birthday breakfast at the coffee shop, yum.  **  Lilly being a goofball, while waiting for Daddy to get out of the store.

Week15.4Yoga, bright and early, to start my birthday off great!  **  Coffee and chai for my birthday, with the sister-cousin.  **  FREAKING SNOW!!!!  UGH!!!!  My birthday was great up until that point!  **  Lilly wanted to go to yoga too.

Week15.5Chris went and got ice cream cake for my birthday, and Lilly loved it!  Loved it so much, she licked the plate and the table when she was done.

Week15.6Monday was actually a very nice day, so we decided to get out of the house.  We ended up at a county park/waterfall.  It was beautiful!

Week15.7Lilly enjoyed being out in the fresh air, and able to run around… and climb on things.
But she was good and held my hand when needed too, especially when we looked over the waterfall on the bridge.



4 thoughts on “Week in Photos – 15/52

  1. I wish we could receive moisture. Here in KS we are DRY DRY DRY!! 😦 Makes for a grumpy farmer husband.

    Love all the pictures though!! The ice cream ones are my favorite!!

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