Two Day Hangover…

It’s possible.
A two day hangover.
So. Very. Possible.

This weekend, was Hales’ bachelorette party.
And let’s just say… I drank more that night, than I have drank in the last two years, combined.

True story.

My typical hangover, is just being beyond ridiculously tired.
That’s about it.

So, I stopped two times on the drive home for coffee.
I crashed for two hours when I got home.
And Monday??
Well, I just wanted to sleep all freaking day long.

Now, I’m typically a tired person… but this was just beyond that!!

I’m starting to feel normal again.  But not normal enough to go through the photos from last week to do a weekly update.
I’ll get on that tomorrow.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!



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