About Me

Hi!  I’m Caylie… a twenty-something wife and momma.
caylieMy days are hectic – but I love them.
I’m a lover of coffee (though, I haven’t had a warm cup in a while), football (go, Packers!) and good books (I read any chance I get).
I try to be crafty by knitting and creating invitations and cards.  Pinterest makes me feel more crafty than I really am.
I love to cook and bake. These days, my time in the kitchen is short, since I have two little ones to keep an eye on.
My hubby (Chris) works mostly first shift (for now) and sometimes second shift, which leads to a very interesting schedule in our house.  When he’s home at night, I can get things done… when he’s not… I try my hardest just to survive until he gets home!
My daughter (Lilly) is a lovely toddler.  Getting into everything is her mission, and she accomplishes it on a daily basis.
My son (Josh) is just a wee little one, who unfortunately is a colicky baby at the moment.  I’m hoping soon he returns to the happy baby he was when he was born, so my life can be just a bit more sane.
My life is crazy and hectic, and I typically cannot see the carpet on my living room floor.
While taking care of two kids, I’m still trying to maintain my identity and not forget who Caylie is.

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