Week in Photos – 14/52

This week was pretty crummy.
Lilly and I were both sick.
Chris worked a bunch of overtime.
Lilly threw up.
Josh had an eye infection.
Just overall, our family was out of it.

Thankfully, we are now at the end of the sickness.
Josh’s eye has cleared up.
Chris will hopefully not have to work overtime this week (or at least, not as much as last week).
My birthday is on Sunday!!  Woot!
It’s got to be a good week.
Even though the weather is supposed to be crappy (seriously, rain every day?!).

So, this is what my past week has looked like.

Week14.1Cuddles with Daddy.  **  A family divided, one Cubs fan, in a land of Brewers fans.  **  Lilly loves watching Tinkerbell.  **  I could tell she was sick this week, she never falls asleep in the living room, but she did this week.

Week14.2Oh wait… Now Josh is a Cubs fan!!  **  Chris was playing with Josh and Lilly wanted in on the action!  **  Second time Lilly fell asleep in the living room this week.  **  I’m a nerd, and went through all the books I have bought for my Kindle that I haven’t read.  I put them in rating order from Goodreads, and am now bound and determined to read all of them, before I purchase another book.  So far, 3 down, 32 left.

Week14.3Ordered Lilly’s flower girl dress for Hales’ wedding!!  **  Josh was my cuddle buddy this week.  **  Chilling on her couch, reading Dr. Seuss.  **  Lilly wanted to dress herself, shorts, long sleeved shirt and dress shoes… my little diva.

Week14.4Daddy and Josh playing video games.  **  Someone turned 4 months old!!!  **  Gah, he is such a handsome little man!  **  My babies… looking so much alike!

I’m off to finish reading book 4 of the 35.  I’m on a mission, and cannot be stopped.
Seriously, how did I read before my Kindle?!






3 thoughts on “Week in Photos – 14/52

  1. Happy almost birthday!!!!!! Hope it’s a sunny weekend. ps that last photo in the jammies witht he stickers is so so so so so cute

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